I'm back here again and looking for help please.

hello everyone - I first was on here back in 2011 when I had CIN3 and was positive for HPV16 - I had a LLETZ (spelling?) and then was meant to be on annual smear tests for the next nine years.


everything was ok until just recently when I had my yearly test (I'd actually asked them to bring it forward - it shouldn't be til the end of July - as I was experiencing bleeding) and then last Thursday evening my GP phoned to let me know that the results have come back as ''atypical cells of indeterminate significance' or something?


so I am now waiting to get an appointment for the Colposcopy clinic and to get back on their books again :(


I've been wondering if it would be ok to ask for a sedative when I go for my colposcopy this time - I know it's very wimpish but I cried the whole way through my first one and I really am dreading it all again.


Also would a hysterectomy be an option for me? I am 42 and am not going to have children and if this thing is going to keep coming back then I would rather just have it all taken away - would this be possible? or will they think I am foolish for asking?


I'm so stressed and scared right now :(

Hi Selkie

I know how scary this all is but you will get through it.  Lots of the ladies on this site have been through some lousy times but somehow we find the strength and courage to deal with it.

Regarding your colposcopy, you could ask your GP to prescribe something in advance.  I had something prescribed for when I went for my MRI to help me relax and it really helped.  I would suggest you have a word with him/her.

As for a possible hysterectomy, this is something you need to discuss with your consultant and/or GP.  They won't think you foolish for asking.

Good luck with your colposcopy, I hope it all goes well for you.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

hi Hunni can't really answer your question about your lletz but when I had my colposcopy done i was put under by general anaesthesic because my cervix is quite high it caused me a lot of pain during internals. So I would ask to be put under xx

I'm back again with a bit of an update -- I just had my colposcopy a couple of days ago and it wasn't very pleasant but I got through it ok. The doctor who did it was very sort of matter of fact which didn't help -- when I'd been there before the doctor always kind of talked through it all and said what he was doing and what he was going to next etc...but this one just got on with it all and never said a word.


I did have a sedative and I think it really helped me a lot - I'd really recommend it to anyone who thinks that they might be nervous.


They didn't find any dubious areas when they did the colposcopy so she didn't take any biopsy at all (but did take photos) and now I just have to go back in six months. I'm just so glad it's over for now.


The nurses there are just the BEST - they were the same ones from when I used to go a few years ago and were lovely; so supportive. They were able to explain that the changes in my last smear test were abnormal, but they weren't the pre-cancerous changes -- it's something to do with the nuclei in the cells (?) and it should all go back to 'normal' on its own. :D

Six months on and I'm back again - I just had my repeat colposcopy a couple of days ago and it went SO much better! This time I had my favourite nurse (who I used always have when I had to attend the clinic from 2011 onwards) and a new doctor, who was just lovely too - the pair of them had me laughing out loud, which is some acheivement when I am the type of person who gets incredibly tense and nervous about these things.


The results of the last one came back all clear - no abnormalities at all but they are being careful because of my past so she did a smear test and took a test for HPV as well.


Again I'd really recommend a mild sedative for anyone else who is nervous about it all...


The real reason I'm checking in back on here is that I'm in so much pain today - it's like bad period pain.


Is this normal? After I had a LLETZ the last time I ended up with an infection that spread to my kidneys and I was really poorly for a couple of weeks - I don't want to go through that again but I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid?


I'm tempted to wait til after the weekend and then go and see my GP if I'm still in pain - I'm taking painkillers but they aren't really touching it :(


Anyone have any advice please?