I'm back again!


If you look at my profile you will see that I had a scare last year & was discharged from hospital in June.

31st July post menopausal bleeding for 3 days went straight to GP so ,as I am 56,  protocol means 2 week referral to post menopausal bleed clinic for scan & maybe also hysteroscopy. Am trying to keep calm & know it may be just the HRT I'm on or maybe another benign polyp. Has anyone else had similar? Appointment is 14th August.

Love to all!


oh 55 I am so sorry to hear youre back on the rollercoaster of waiting for tests and results, and so soon after your good news at the repeat test of cure. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that your appointment comes and goes swiftly and you get your peace of mind 

Hugs xXx

Thank you Feeling the Fear; exactly; back on the rollercoaster with the exception that this time I knew I was being referred to the hospital so the phone call about the hospital appointment wasn't such a massive shock as last time. They did phone me really quickly though. Saw the GP at 10.40 am and the hospital called same afternoon. Trying to keep calm; had lots of practice at that last year. The GP said it was from the womb; at least I will have more idea this time next week.

Thanks again for the reply; the support makes such a difference.