I'm afraid I will need a hysterectomy


I am 21 years old and I just had my first pap smear two months ago after having abnormal bleeding after sex. My results came back as "HISL" and I was referred to a gynocologist who performed a poke biopsy and determined I needed to have a cone biopsy done. The Dr took about a quater size chunk of my cervix out and the margins were clear, but it showed that I had adenocarcinoma in situ. They did a swab after removing the cone and found more abnormal cells, so I have a skip leasion. I was told I need a hysterectomy due to the fact that the adendocarcinoma was present, and I am very worried and anxious about what to expect. 

I have not had kids and I have always expected to have kids at a later age. The emotions have been very hard to deal with in this whole process and my heart feels broken. Could I have a Trachelectomy (the entire cervix and upper portion of the vagina is removed and the base of the uterus is banded and stiched back onto the vagina) for now, so I could still have the option to have kids? has anyone had this procedure done or gone through something similar? And has anyone gone through this at such a young age? 

Any input or words of wisdom would be very appriciated! 


im sorry to hear you have this worry. I too am in a similar position. however I do have one child so I can only imagine it’s much harder for you 

I’m 29 and have been diagnosed with satage 1B cc. Because my cell changes were glandular, there can be issues with skip lesions like yourself so normal treatment is hysterectomy. I have asked if at all possible to have the trachelectomy rather than hysterectomy to preserve my fertility but will only do this if they can be sure it will be successful. My case is going to a specialist in wolves. Close to where I live. I have been advised by my gynae that the Trachelectomy was devised for ladies with squamous cell Carcinoma and can be more tricky in my case. 

When will you see consultant next? Ask the question about preserving your fertility. I’ve heard more and more about ladies having trachelectomy