I'm a mess. Surely I shouldn't have to have waited this long?

I thought everything would be all over after yesterday but I was wrong.

Yesterday I went for what was going to be treatment for CIN3. They were going to do lletz but after examining me they said it has spread to the vaginal walls and I would now need to wait (again) for another treatment where they will have to put me to sleep as it’s far to painful to do whilst awake.

I’m a wreck. I can’t stop crying. I’m so scared of GA and I’m scared that it’s going to spread again and get worse by the time I have to go back. They said it could take up to 6 weeks to get an appointment.

I found out I had CIN3 on the 7th Jan when I visited a different Gyn about my Infertility. Then I didn’t get the letter for my lletz treatment date until the 23rd Jan!

I feel so angry and upset surely if they got me in sooner it wouldn’t have spread. :frowning:

Hi I'm sorry your having a worrying time just now . Like you I had cin111 with spread to my vagina , I also had it removed in day surgery under GA as the area would have been to big to remove in the clinic . I know all the waiting around is frustrating and worrying but be reassured if they have concerns they want you seen as quick as possible . I don't think the initial wait would have made any difference  probably had alrea spread to your vagina . With regards to treatment I had a cone biopsy to my cervix and the vaginal tissue removed which did require stitches as it was quite a lot ! These were a bit uncomfortable but all healed well . I hope you  a date soon . Feel free to message me as I know how worrying a time this can be .

All the best 

Anne X