I'm 56, post menopausal, & told I have CIN3. 6 weeks waiting for smear test results- help!

Hi there


I'm 56, just gone through the menopause and a recent smear has come back 'severe abnormalities' CIN3.  I've always had my CS tests on time and never before had any abnormality.

My last test was on 12 December and as I'd not heard anything I thought it must be Okay. Last week I chased them up - it was now over 6 weeks since the test.  My gynaecologist called me Thursday evening just before she went away on hols and said there were significant abnormalities and she was referring me for a colposcopy.

I went to see my GP Friday morning but he'd not got the written results by then.  At first he told me it took up to 10 years for changes to happen and not to worry. However, after he received a faxed copy of the results later on Friday afternoon he phoned me - not so optimistic now. He said the changes were severe. I asked if that meant CIN3 and he said yes. He went on to say I'd more than likely need a cone biopsy.

I was in total shock.  Having been told it could take 10 years for CIN3 to show up, I can't understand why my last test (5 years ago) was totally clear?

I'm having a colposcopy on Thursday 31 January.

Everything I've read seems to point to C!N3 being rare in older women.  Does anyone know if it's more likely to be cancer in older women?


Louise x


Hi Louise,

i also have CIN3 changes and have had LLetz on Friday i am only 30 but you need to try really hard to remember that CIN3 is still pre-cancerous changes its just that more of our cells are affected by the abnormality, So they will need to remove them before they turn nasty. my first smear was 4 years ago and was totally clear also so showed quickly in me also.

hope this helps and it goes well for you xxx

Hi there - thank you so much for your message.  I'm trying to be positive.  It's all such a shock really and with my doctors both away I've no-one to discuss it with.  That's why this forum is such a help and a lifeline.  Best of luck with your results.


Louise xxx