Ignored one major symptom for too long

I have not yet been diagnosed but have a Colposcopy tomorrow. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and could use some advice - not reassurance. 

My smear test result came back with evidence of HPV virus and low-grade dyskaryosis. 

I have suffered with quite severe vaginal discharge for months now which I ignored. Looking back now I don't know why. 

I am now worried that I am in advanced stages of cancer, what else could this discharge be? All other tests done prior to this have come back negative. 

Any kind of reply would be appreciated. 


I had the same thing. I had discharge for YEARS! Had test after test after test and never found the cause until I finally saw a gynaecologist. She said my cervix didn't look healthy and sent me off for colposcopy.

I was diagnosed with cervical ectropian, HPV and CIN1. When I went back for my LLETZ results came back as ectropian HPV and CIN2. That was about 6 weeks ago. So now I'm just waiting. I was told that the LLETZ would 'cure' the discharge. I'm still recovering from it and have lots of spotting so it's quite hard to tell at this stage but from what I can see on my good days my discharge is extremely light. 

Do you have to wear pads for your discharge? I used to.go thru about 5 liners a day!


whether or not that is a sign i don't know but low grade has to be better than high grade which i was and I don't have CC so i hope that eases your mind. x

I've had discharge for a long time, sometimes it has been a bit smelly. Particularly after intercourse. I have had BV in the past tested on and off. In the end I just got on with it. Until my smear came back as severe dysk ... then I panicked massively. Couldn't sleep convinced it was bad and all linked together 

Colposcopy done - results not the same as smear ?! I had a Lletz dOne anyway  

got my results and CIN 1,2,3 evident but all removed and in the clear. 


Honestly try not to worry !!