If the receptionist wont tell you results does this mean they aren't ok??

I suffer major anxiety and have got myself so wound up over waiting on smear results. I had it done nearly 2 weeks ago and have rang a few times to see if the results are back at my doctors. Each receptionist has been telling me a slightly different story which is making me convinced that something is wrong :frowning:

The first one told me they are back but the nurse hasnt seen them and signed them off yet. Then today I rang and was told the results arent fully back yet but they should be here this week. :confused:

Now im totally paranoid and convinced the results are bad and thats why they wont tell me. Im so scared :’( They must see something on the screen and thats why they are being weird about it and telling me different stories? I cant take this waiting and worrying?

Could my result still be normal and the receptionist just cant tell me?

Hi Sheila

Absolutely 100% that could be the case. Receptionists and doctor's secretaries are not allowed to give you your results, because they are not medically qualified to interpret them, nor to answer any questions you might have. My mother in law used to work as a secretary in a hospital and she confirmed this - however anxious a patient is and however much she might have wanted to tell them something, she would have got into trouble if she did!

I would try explaining to the receptionist how very anxious this is making you, and ask her to request that the doctor calls you as soon as possible. With a bit of luck someone will give you a call, even if it's not your  own GP.

Best of luck and hope you get some news soon



Our receptionists can give out results so long as they've been signed off by the doctor, but with doctor workloads your receptionist is probably telling the truth- they may still need checked off. This doesn't mean anything bad. In fact, from experience, I've found that when results are bad for any medical test , the gp is usually quicker at getting back to you.

I know It’s easier said than done to stop worrying (I’m awaiting my results too and I suspect abnormalities) but try not to read too much into what the receptionist said. Sending you lots of pma and hope you get a clear result


The nurse is going to ring me in the next hour with the results, I feel so sick with worry :(

well I feel like crying now! I waited until 12:55 and phoned them cuz I know the surgery closes at 1pm. The receptionist said that the nurse had tried to ring me and couldn't get through to my phone and now shes away home. I said to her if the nurse has seen it and signed it off why cant she tell me the results but she said the nurse hasnt signed it. I bet this means somethings wrong with my results. Surely if all was okay the receptionist would have told me? Now ive to wait until tomorrow, I literally cant take this :(


sorry you are anxious. But as someone explained earlier, receptionists are not qualified to provide you such information, they would be disciplined. In some instances even nurses sometimes are not able to tell you results over the phone. Patients privacy and confidentiality. 

As you are an anxious person, they may possibly prefer that you come in to discuss your results so you can ask the questions you need and not feel unsupported.