If it was... (sorry for posting here)

I had my Lletz 2 week ago for cin 3 

Everyone keeps saying "oh if it was worse you'd know by now" but really be honest with me, would I really know by now? If cin3 has gotten worse and turned to cc would the results be faster than 2 week! My dad reckons they'd have let me know by the day after if it was and I'm just been 'silly' for been nervous (no one has really understood how much this cin 3 has bothered me) 

Anyway sorry to post this here but I didn't know were else to ask! X 

Hi flowerpower,

I honestly don't think how long it takes for results correlates to anything more than how busy the lab/consultant/secretary is. Apart from if they see something suspicious, or your smear has picked up something more sinister when they can rush through the lab. If your sample was not marked as urgent (which is a good thing!) then they give you 4-6 weeks as worst case scenario to manage your expectations. 

Having said that I called 2 weeks to the dot after my LLETZ and got the results over the phone. It took another week to actually get the results in writing, so was well worth it for me as saved me a week of anxiety. I asked for my consultants secretary and she agreed to read my letter over the phone, might be worth a try.

Good luck, remember it is very rare for the results to stray from your biopsy and what the colposcopist sees is normally what you get! :-)


I'd say with almost 100% certainty that you'd know by now. I had my lletz 2 weeks ago and I haven't had my letter yet so I'm pretty sure, same as you, that it'll just say to go for a smear in 6 months. 


All the best! 

Hi all,

I honestly believe that results are NOT sorted into good and bad with the bad ones being released first. That would involve paying somebody to slow down the results of healthy people. Do you honestly think that the NHS has money to waste in that senseless way? I don't. I am as certain as I can be that 6 weeks is a worst-case scenario, 4 weeks is a more common wait and if the people in the lab happen to have run out of things to do then the results come out early.

Be lucky


The results aren't sorted no but when sent they are dealt with in order of urgency as dictated by whoever took the sample. That is why some results are back in days and some back in weeks. We all believe our results to be urgent of course!!! But unfortunately we are just a number to the lab however lovely our doctors are. X

My Lletz sample with the cancer in it took 5 weeks to get results due to lab being busy mct meeting and Christmas whereas the all clear lletz to check post cancer margins was less than a fortnight so to echo posts above it makes no difference