icing on the cake!

Good evening ladies! So...after everything I have been through over the last year, I decide to go for it with new healthier me. Lots of gyming and I found a new love for swimming, a couple of miles a week. Until yesterday. I slipped at the pool and broke my wrist! I am now the proud owner of a cast! No swimming for a while! Doh! H xxx

Ohhhhh get well soon, did a hunky life guard come to your assistance? Xx

Unfortunately no lifeguard lol! 

Bless you, Google some safe excercises you can continue until you are able to swim again. You will be back in the water before you know it xx

Ps i just googled and you can buy some funky wrist cast covers to cheer you up  Google cupcake wrist cast cover :) xx


Oh Helen! :-(

I remember having a wrist cast myself when I was 11 years old, broke it at school on the last afternoon before the summer holidays and spent most of the summer in it. Hot and itchy :-( Though I hear your summer is not as hot as it might be so that may be a small mercy. Sending you huge hugs.