I was so worried I phoned the colposcopy nurse...

I had LLETZ on Friday afternoon.

It was scheduled as cold coagulation but when she looked at cervix she said there had been changes so a LLETZ would be more appropriate (local anaesthetic). This made me worry, then they didn’t give much info other than 6-8 week wait for results (staff shortages). I’ve been SO worried and actually having heart palpitations and feeling almost sick since, even though I’ve had minimal side effects so far (just a few days discharge) and the procedure didn’t hurt one bit. So today the kids were causing chaos painting pictures and one spilled water and I properly snapped at them. I felt so bad. So I called the message line for the nurses and didn’t expect anyone to answer. Of course someone answered...lol. So I basically cried down the phone asking for my sample to be marked as urgent. She checked my notes and said she couldn’t do that as they prioritise more urgent cases and there wasn’t a need to do so for mine. (Huuuge sigh). She then said she will put a note on her secretary’s diary to pass on my results over phone as soon as they arrive. She also said it’s usually 10-14 days so now I’m wondering if the 6-8 week thing they say at Apps is to cover time for paperwork etc getting sent out?

I’m SO glad I called and actually can rest a bit more now knowing they didn’t think my sample was urgent. Fingers crossed it’s ok (well as ok as cin3 can be!). 

Just wanted to say to you all, please don’t worry in silence. Give the nurses a call and cry....they are lovely and will hopefully give you some peace of mind. 

Rambling post over. Xx