I was hoping i wouldn't be back to ask questions:(

Hi Ladies!!!

As some of you know I was one of the lucky ones who had Severe Dykaryosis had LLETZ(3 months ago) and put onto a 6 monthly check up. i have recieved a letter from my Gynae (copied to my GP) that i need to go for my smear on Thursday instead of January. FREEKYYY DEEKYYY!

I was told by the Colposcopy clinic before that the margins were not clear. So when i visted my Gynae at the Pelic Pain Clinic she was the one who wrote to my GP explaining i need another smear this week.

I know it's all probably fine, but just scared me a little and I had so much support before. I knew where to come.




im still awaiting my op but I was told that afterwards I would be put on 3 monthly smears for a while if that makes you feel any better. The woman said it would be 3 monthly, then 6 monthly.... Etc. 

hope your doing ok



Oh bless you.......its more the thought of going through it again isnt it?

Sounds like they are being ultra cautious and making sure they keep an eye on you........its got to be a good thing as the chances of anything serious developing in 3 months is extremely low....but if cells have started to show changes they can keep an eye on you and give you treatment beore they develop into anything serious.

Not nice to keep going through this.....but know your being looked after. I have my lletz in 2 weeks, got to go under general too........trying not to think about it too much at moment.

big hugs, jacqui

thanks ladies,

just came back from the smear and was told because the margins wern't clear, a different gynae had said for me to change from 6 monthly to 3 months. i wouldn't mind having the smears done except i have a backwards facing cervix so its a lot of prodding and poking to find the bloody thing ha ha. 


good luck with proceedures ladies.



Backward facing, eh? You special lady!! ;-) I hope that everything goes ok for you. At least you know they are keeping a close eye on you and not forgetting about you. Best to be in the know no matter what the results are.

good luck

xxx don