I thought I was in the all clear..now im worried again..

Hey everyone so a few weeks ago I posted about how I was worried about cervical cancer cuz I have alot of the symptoms for a couple years. I had finally convinced my doctor to do a colposcopy and she had said my cervix was friable and looked inflammed. She did 3 biopsies. The doctor said it did not look like cancer or even pre cancer but just to be sure anyway she did 3 biopsies on abnormal areas. One was an ECC which is a biopsy of the upper cervical canal and 2 biopsies on the outside. The nurse a week later called me to tell me everything had come back negative so I felt relief. I went to my follow up appointment yesterday to see the doctor because I want to resolve these symptoms. She told me the reports say I have cervical inflammation so she is going to put me on heavy antibiotics to treat the inflammation first. Then do a repeat colposcopy because apparently the 2 biopsies they did on the outer cervix they were able to get mucous and not "tissue" they sent me negative results based on the mucous. If I had dysplasia or cancer would the mucous have shown it? She also wants to do an endometrial biopsy just incase. Even though I am 26 she said its best to rule everything out. She said apparently people can get uterine cancer at any age? So her plan is to treat my inflammation with antibiotics and repeat the colposcopy in 1 month. She also wants to do another transvaginal ultrasound as well. Mind I tell you all my paps and ultrasounds were always negative for any abnormalities. But the doctor said she wants to absolutely rule everything out because of the symptoms I have been having. So I am pretty much back to freaking out all over again thinking I was in the all clear. What do you guys think?

All the test is just your doctor ruling things out. How mine all started was I am anemic due to heavy periods, so I was sent to a gynecologist, and right away she did a biopsy on uterus, pap and pelvic...I also had a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound...It turns out my pap showed high grade cells, but the heavy bleeding was not caused by that it is caused by fibroids shown through the transvaginal...Your doctor is just looking at possible causes...If it is heavy periods or irregular periods that is the symptoms you are having, this could be a number of things that causes that and not necessarily cancer either...So looks like you are doing everything right and getting the right tests done. 

Thank you for taking the time out to answer me. I have no fibroids, cysts, polyps of any kind. This is what worries me is that there isna tumor hiding somewhere and that it is being missed. All of my hormones came abck within normal range as well. I am just hoping and praying at this point that the inflammation has been causing these symptoms the whole time. I just dont understand how every test under the sun keeps coming back negative but yet I still have irregular bleeding/pain during intercourse and sometimes after. These are hallmark symptoms of cervical cancer and that is what scares me.

If there was a tumor there, I'm  pretty sure they could see it visibly and especially through the colposcopy and detect it through the biopsy..>Trust those results...My mother had cervical cancer and the first time she had it, they saw the tumor and she was treated...Of course in her case, it did come back as secondary (meaning it grew back on another area) and during pelvic test they didn't detect it the second time and she lost the battle because it was too late by then...In saying that, this is not what is happening in your case as you never had cervical cancer so it would no need to grow back in another area. There could be a number of things causing abnormal bleeding especially if you are under stress, that alone can mess up your whole body including your periods. 

I had a lot of bleeding & as soon as I went for a smear a dr was pulled in who uttered the words cancer. I went for a colposcopy and was told cancer & had a biopsy to confirm. My tumour was visable to the eye. Trust your dr, they know what they are looking for & are doing all the tests to help you and get answers, think of it as fact finding & try not to worry too much.

That is what is conforting me that it she does not seemed to be confused about cancer. But between a friable cervix, no polyps, fibroids, cysts and normal hormone tests negative for stds that makes me think what else could be causing constant bleeding 3 weeks out of the month and pain during and after sex. This makes me feel like there is a tumor being missed in my upper cervical canal that might have been growing there for years and going undetected by the paps.

Hi worriedgirl90.....if they have any doubt it still puzzled by your symptoms they very well might send you for a hysteroscopy which is camera I'm to womb/uterus to make sure nothing is hiding higher up the cervix or womb...I'm having it in 2he's 50 min...I'm dreading it can you tell by the time count down haha I'm the same as you bleeding every two weeks and pain with sex and a little bleeding after...col p without biopsy,ultrasound in and out and bloods all negative so it's confusing why I am this way...but your Drs will be looking for every thing possible so I'm sure that you will be kept under a close watch and possibly have the hysteroscopy next ...good luck with your search for answers and getting a reason....I'm sure mine today will show nothing and it will be hormones or something...I feel your pain tho as it's frustrating not knowing why x

Hey sick of being prodded, thank you for taking the time out to reply to me. Im still basically a puzzled bleeding mess. I might ask for a hysteroscopy when I go for my follow up. How did your appointment go? By the way I love your username it is hilarious

Hey worried,if it helps in still a bleeding puzzled mess too! Lol definitely ask at your next appointment what they can do next,don't let them do the uurmmm well we will watch and see,I had that for yrs..it's only because i now have post sex bleeding that they are taking me more seriously.

i got to appointment with a lovely lady who understood i was anxious about it and she was refreshing I'm that she said it was going to be painful....so nice to hear the truth lol went to put gown on and if come on(typical)she said she would still try to do it if I was ok with that...speculum hurt but I had big girl pants with me(granted in my handbag but ya get the drift) then they try to dilate cervix opening with water...period pain type feeling but it just wasn't happening so we had to stop.she said my opening is teeny tiny(why thank you)lol so as I was getting dressed she was on phone trying to book me in for next week to get it done under general anaesthetic....so still non wiser but it's a step closer ..when is your next appointment?

Aaw ok well I am sure under general anesthesia everything will go alot less painful. You know when I had my three punch biopsies it did not hurt at all. Most people complain about pain or bleeding but luckily for me it was just as easy as getting a pap. My next appointment was supposed to be the end of March. My gyno gave me 15 days worth of antibiotics to be on to treat inflammation on my cervix. But deep down inside I dont feel like inflammation has anything to do with it. I am back to bleeding ALL over again even after being on antibiotics for a week. Her plan was to treat the inflammation first then do a repeat biopsy. She had previously done 3 punch biopsies. One of my upper cervical canal which is the endocervical curretage and luckily that sample was negative. But the two other abnormal areas the lab reported my mucous was negative for dysplasia and cancer. Which means they never got any actual cervical tissue. So we are going to repeat that and she said she wants to do a uterine biopsy as well just to be on the safe side. She also wants to do another pelvic ultrasound. I am so at my wits end that I am not even going to wait till thr end of march because this bleeding is ridiculous. I feel like if it was just an inflammation problem my bleeding would have subsided by now. Im 26 years old had a minumal amount of partners with no kids. I have been depressed lately but my partner is luckily aupportive and he told me no matter good or bad the outcome of all this he will always be there for me. Its just that me and my friend even joke about it. Between the negative pap smears, pelvic ultrasounds, the biopsies that they were able to get and a pelvic cat scan in June of 2018 and if all those were negative and I had Cancer this WHOLE time in 4 years then she said god just wants you already lol. And hey im sick of being prodded too!! laughing

On i really hope that you get sorted hunni..it's draining isn't it all the bleeding and worrying..the only biopsy i was ment to have was yesterday...at col p she didn't bother as it all looked normal so I just hope when I am knocked out they can open cervix to get one...laughter is best thing...my best friend had vulva cancer that sadly they couldn't treat...if you had heard the inappropriate things we used to say to each other ya would think we needed different kinds of Drs lol but it is what ever gets you through..I'm glad you have a good support system..me too,hubby is fab even though he is dealing with this and his sis having had mastectomy xx

Hi hunn im glad she did not see any abnormal areas! Yes the bleeding is almost everyday and its becoming depressing/intolerable. I jist want some answers at this point. It is really have a good support system around. I am really sorry to hear about your friend by the way. Please let me know if you get an update as will I. Its great to finally have someone to talk to! Lol laughing

Thank you for sympathy for my bezzie i miss her every day.. Have they spoken about fitting you with mirena cool to try control the bleeding?after the infection is gone? They want to put one in me while they have me under anaesthetic..but I'm in 2mind's because i am thinking if the bleeding stops they will stop looking for reasons it's happening and say well it's stopped so no need to keep looking lol can't win really but I guess we have to jump through the hoops they set in order to move on...I am at the point where i can't decide if ....they find something I at least know what is wrong...even if it is what you dread hearing.....or find nothing and be relived it's not the dreaded c....but still no answers that probably sounds really weird but I think you will know what I mean by it...it's the not knowing ...fingers crossed yet again we both get answers of the best kind.....ps my gyne said ultrasound scan s can miss a lot e.g polyps inside uterus and endometriosis which can cause bleeding...so clear scan does not rule them out but laparoscopy finds them or hysteroscopy so that might be worth talking about at your next appointment xx

No darling they have not suggested another form of conctraceptive for me. And yes my heart goea out to you I couldnt imagine losing my best friend under such circumstances. After my "inflammation" is gone just more biopsies on my cervix and uterus for me. But I will most def ask for a hysteroscopy as well. Its funny you had mentioned it because I always had one getting done in mind. But it is all pretty much one rule out after a time. What frustrates me is that after going to 3 damn doctors in the last 4 years no one ever even suggested a biopsy to me until I even mentioned it. If I was a doctor and any patient came to me with those symptoms I would immediately investigate. But I guess because all my tests were always negative and because of my age they never took it seriously. But this time whether it is cancer or not or just a polyp or fibroid or something being missed I am getting down to it because I simply cant live like this anymore its been almost 4 years! And its only gotten worse these past few months. I know your probably in the UK and the protocols are different there but here in the United States we usually get results fast for everything. At most within a week or so. I feel like by April after all the texting I will finally have an answer. I know there is a bugger hiding someone causing my body to go haywire. Anyhow enough about me please make sure to update me on you daily!!! Xoxooxoxox

Hi yes things take longer here...feels like forever for pap test results but it's only been 2wks so far. Today's not a good day lots of pain woke me up 5am and then I found out they don't have me on surgery list for Thursday and don't know when it will be...I hope you are having a better day..oh and my boiler just broke so can't even sit in bath to cry haha xx

Haha about the boiler. Aaw hunny Im so sorry to hear that. Well I have been on the inflammatory meds and I have seen pretty much little to no improvement. The sad part is I just started a new job yesterday and with all this crap in the back of my mind I feel like whats the point. So I called my doctors office today and told them I am not waiting till the end of the month and that I will be having all my repeat cervical biopsies done as well as a first time ueterine biopsy. I will also suggest to her that I want the hysteroscopy like you had recommended. I am at my wits end at this point with this bleeding. I am dead convinced that for years my paps have been missing a tumor and that I have full blown cancer at this point. I need answers and I need them now even if it is bad. I have been so on top of my pap smears ever since I was age 20 I have had them done every year. I am now 26 and always pretty much spotting/bleeding. Mind you I only became sexually active at 17 years old. I was 22 when all these weird symptoms started arising. So I would have had to contract HPV and have them progress to cancerous cells within 5 years going undetected. Sorry I know I talk alot but it just feels good to vent. I hope you are feeling much better and they get you on a surgery list asap! If I were you I would just keep pushing it and stressing the importance of what is going on within your body because that is what I am doing. At this point I am not taking no for any answers. Your in my prayers please keep me updated Xoxoxox

Hi,you do right by asking for earlier appointment..even if it isn't cancer it needs sorting out for what ever it is by the way I'm not meaning to worry you but Bessie mate had smear and was clear of job so not every female cancer is derived from that(I know vulva isn't cervical or uterine) but I think you, like me,are more fact based to help keep the crazy in check....other wise we really would have Ebola in our Canada's by this point of googling and worrying lol as for me you know i wasn't on operating list for yesterday...turns out i was...so had it done now and can confirm @#£% pretty much describes the agony I'm now in...they really aint gentle once your asleep and to top it off l also have cystitis from the catheter ...no body came to see me after just the discharge nurse who said I'm get letter in post in 6-8wks with biopsy results but I am extremely worried about it being done wrong I'm explain why.......anaesthetic bloke came to talk before i had it done and asked about basic med history...he asked 3times where my previous cancer was .....I've never had it EVER...so  imagine both our surprise when he showed me the screen that clearly states I've had chemotherapy!!!!!!!!! I've got no faith in anything now seeing as a simple thing like that is wrong...maybe I'm super emotional after general anaesthetic but for now I'm very cross...thank you for letting me vent too hun like you 4/5yrs of this carp builds up so you vent as much as you want huge hugs xx

Hi hunny! Jesus Christ 6-8 weeks?! Girl you need to move here to the United States we get biopsy results MAX in 1 week. That is terrible that you have to keep living like this and wait so long for the results. And I cant even begin to believe that the anesthesiologist had a complete wrong medical history on you! I personally have read up on alot of protocols in the UK with the whole waiting till 25 to get a pap and the weeks and weeks of agonizing wait which I think is ridiculous. That is probably why the death rate amongst women with gynelogical cancers there is so much higher. But dont worry I have a feeling your biopsy will come back just fine. I hope all your problems are hormone related or at worst case scenario fibroids!. By the way today I went to my doctor without any bleeding for once (thank god). I demanded another colposcopy and turns out ahe said all my inflammation resolved and my cervix looks perfect. She said there was not even any abnormal areas that lit up this time during the colposcopy. So she believes the inflammation which is what had caused those 2 abnormal areas to light up. But because like I had mentioned in earlier posts she had offered to do a uterine biopsy. OH MY HOLY GOD the pap smears and cervical biopsies were nothing compared to this. It was one of the most excrutiating pains I had ever experienced. Once she dialated my cervix and stuck the probe or whatever it is into my uterus and did the biopsy I had terrible referred pain in my stomach and cramping which she said would happen. I never want to go through a uterine biopsy ever again. So basically she told me no way my cervix is the problem and that if there is any issues its coming from my uterus. So to be on the safe side she did the uterine biopsy which I should recieve back in a week. Of course now im bleeding again which she said is normal and im still cramping and feel uncomfortable. So I will pretty much be sitting home all day trying to unwind l from all this. I literally feel so embarrassed because I feel I am at the gynos all the time. Good news is my cervix is not the problem so lets see what my uterine biopsy says a week from now. Anyway hun I know I talk alot but I wanted to give you an update on what happened today. I hope you are feeling better and that your results come back clear and that whatever is going on with you is a benign problem. Your in my prayers!! Hugsss Xoxoxoxox

Ouch!!!!!!!you have my sympathies for biopsy I am so thankful i was asleep for it and it's brilliant news that inflammation has gone ...that must be a weight of your mind.

and 1so for results is bloody amazing..I reckon it be 3wks to get mine but if they say 6_8we feel special when it's earlier haha I do know it's not polyps or fibroids causing it but I think you're right and biopsy will be clear.....and I talk just as much so don't worry about that....it's just good to get it out of head and talk to people who are going through same thing....ps how old are you?I'm 42 ....and you're in my thoughts too hun xx

I am 26 years old love going through all this madness. I have been married for 3and a half years and have not been able to have sex in over a month with my husband. So pretty much its been a little over three years of no answers as to what is going on. She claims my inflammation is gone and my cervix looked perfect in the front and the upper canal no abnormal areas. So she felt no need to biopsy my cervix and went straight for my uterus. But Jesus Christ she could habe nummed me or gave me sedation something!!! It was excrutiatingly painful. Now I am just waiting on those results for a week and I am due for another transvaginal ultrasound even though I already had one? I guess at this point the doctor is just confused too as to what it could possibly be. But atleast she is trying and not dismissing my concerns just cuz of my age like her husband was. (By the way her husband is also a gyn working in the same office) But when I felt like I was getting no where with him I switched to her. So my love its pretty much all a waiting and ruling out game at this point. I am sure your cells stayed in place and have not become invasive. I am sure it would have been visible to the eye or they would have expressed concern to you if they actually thought it was invasive cervical cancer. I myself have been so depressed lately and hopeless cuz I have not been getting anywhere.Your in my thoughts and prayers as always. Love hearing from you. Hugs and kisses from USA Xoxoxoxox