I think it's back........waiting is the worst

This site has really helped me in the last 6 months, reading past posts and getting support when I was struggling. 

I was a diagnosed from a routine smear and had a radical hysterectomy via keyhole surgery at the beginning of September. I decided not to have any more treatment as my surgeon had got clear margins on the tumour. I seemed to have recovered really well (a few menopause symptoms to live with) and was looking to go back to work 1 December. Cancer had turned my life upside down but I thought I could put it all behind me. I am still self catheterising and have had a couple of urinary infections. I developed persistent lower back pain and spasms in my back passage but thought this was my body settling down to a new normal. After antibiotics for a water infection and a few days on senna to rule out constipation I realised the lower back pain was persisting and my paracetamol intake was becoming more regular. I phoned MacMillan and they got me an appointment with my surgeon who requested an MRI which was last week. My results are on Tuesday. Work are still in the dark and processing my return application and only a few close people know my fears. I've somehow got through Christmas and new year but these last few weeks have been hell. If it's back this quickly I feel that i'm doomed. When I was diagnosed in July I was fit and well and able to face cancer with all guns blazing. Today I feel weary and weak, worn out from being in pain, I have another water infection so am on anti biotics again, I've got a sore throat and cold. I know it's the waiting that gets you down and i pray it's a simple explanation but my pain levels and paracetamol consumption indicate that something has to change.

Sorry to be a whinge bag. Cyber hugs to all you girls who are playing the waiting game too x

Hi there. I just wanted to reply and say that worrying Is common after what us woman have been through. It could be your body still recovering, it does take months to heal .I'm always questioning everevery ache and pain and I'm only 6 weeks nearly post op. I can sympathise with the ISC as my bladder function is not quite right. Please try not to worry I no it's easier  said than done. All the best and good luck for Tuesday. Lea.xx

Hey there,

I just wanted to say that it's brilliant that you have had a scan so that they can check everything to put your mind at ease. I can relate to you saying that before being diagnosed that you were fit and healthy. I feel the same. Since my op I've had tonsillitis, ear infections, gum infection, mild lymphoedema, colds etc. I've gone from never been at the docs to being a regular! So, I think this also makes you always question recurrence because your simply not used to feeling poorly.

I would also say that you are still early days from your op. I think also when we have had this surgery via keyhole we underestimate what our bodies have been through as we do not have a big scar there to remind us. But your body will still be working hard to repair itself from what is major surgery. Also, you may not have been as active than usual since your op and this can also give us aches and pains.

You also mentioned you have been having menopausal symptoms. This could also be causing back and joint ache. So HRT may be something to consider or speak to your consultant about?

I know this won't stop you worrying until you get your results on Tuesday, but it really could be anything causing the back ache. Hang on in there, you have done so well already!

Sending you lots of luck for Tuesday. Tess xxx




I would like to reiterate what tes has said. We think everything is gonna be ok but the huge amount of stress we have put our bodies through mean there will be side effects we just didn't expect.

ive been getting quite a bit of lower back pain recently too, enough to mean I don't sleep too well usually so I'm tired quite a lot... I've been getting headaches but I put that down to bad life style over past 2 weeks of Christmas madness. Past couple of days I've been swollen in groin area more than usual and has even been painful... Bah!!! My body is rebelling as my sick leave is over and I return full time on Monday.

i do hope the MRI results are clear and you find out what the problem is. Could be something quite simple. Fingers crossed xxx

Just to say all the best for Tuesday, I also found after my surgery I had loads of ailments!! All the best lady, in my thoughts! xxc

I got my results today...it's back. 2 tumours identified on mri so I go in for a biopsy tomorrow and ct scan on Thursday. No return to work for me just yet! I had an MRI 15 Oct that was clear so I'm not feeling very positive. 

Hi Karen,

I'm so sorry. You must be in real shock.  Have they said what treatment you can have yet?  I'm thinking of you so please keep us updated.  Sending you big hugs.

Tess xx

Hi Karen,


Just wanted to write and say sorry that you've had such news, it must be a lot to take in. Can you have radiotherapy or chemo?


Thinking of you lots, as Tess says, keep us posted.


Lots of love xxxx

Sending you cyber hugs xx

So sorry to hear this, thinking of you
Jade xx

Thanks ladies. X

So sorry to hear your news.  I'm sending lots of hugs your way ((()))

I'll be thinking of you  - hope your scans went okay and you have a treatment plan in place soon.

Take care

Kirsty xxx




Hi just wanted to say it's not unheard of for  it to turn out to be scar tissue I hope this is the case for you x x 

Hey, waiting is definitely the worst:( please don't think too negatively yet- I've heard as well that scans give misleading results sometimes. Hopefully it is just a scar tissue xxxxx please keep us updated xxxx I am waiting for my MRI results and trying my best not to panic... So so difficult though... Lots of hugs xxxxx

Thanks for all your lovely messages. I have an appt on Tuesday with my consultant and the with an oncologist to discuss treatment so at least it has all been speedy. I am so uncomfortable and completely bunged up. Phoned the hospital to check I could try an enema as senna has not worked. They want  me to go in if there is no movement in the morning. Soooooooooo fed up!


Oh matey,

So so sorry to hear ur news. And blocked up on top of all that. Fingers crossed everything is sorted out quickly for u. Sending you love and positive thoughts xxx dons

Omg!!!! So sorry about your news. Good luck with the treatment thinking of you. Fingers crossed. Xxxx

So sorry Karen!!!! Keep us posted on what's gonna happen next, sending you lots of love & good , good thoughts!!! God-willing you'll get some light too!!