I said no to treatment

Hi everyone 


hope you can help. I went for my third colposcopy  as I've had changes and they're monitoring them. the doctor said they're more changes and she thinks it's CIN2 . the doctor said there and then in the middle of the exam she can treat it or I can wait 6 months for a repeat smear. I felt like I was put on the spot with no information or time to think and panicked and just said I will wait. I now feel like I should have had the treatment and got it over with as I can't stop worrying that it's going to develop into cancer before I get checked again :( 

hi im sorry that your going through this, you could maybe contact your doctor and explain that you have changed your mind? im sure treatment would still be an option. big hugs xx

you could always ring the clinic tell them how u feel and that u changed ur mind and want to do it, the nurses are fabulous ladies and I'm sure they will make an appointment for u xxx

I would ring the clinic and say you have had time to think and would like to go ahead with treatment, I'm sure it would be ok x

Lots of women panic and say no. They shouldn't really ask you on the spot. Phone them ASAP and explain. They will completely understand x