I really want to go back to work!

I am really missing my work! I’m a 1 to 1 special needs assistant and have been with the child for several years.
I love what I do and I’m missing adult interaction with others.
People are trying to stop me! I honestly feel that for my mental health I need my routine again. I feel physically fine! I’ve registered for counselling support, my energy levels are great.
I’m thinking after Christmas break so it will be roughly 7 ish weeks post last Braccy 9 post Chemo… I think…

Please tell me I’m not going barmy and someone understands where I’m coming from?

Shammy, if you want to go back to work, you go back to work! What has it got to do with anyone else? You’re post-treatment - it’s not as if you’re compromising your treatment! I’m really happy that you’re through it all, feeling good, and building up your strength. Getting back to your routine after Christmas sounds really positive and just what you need to start moving on with your life.

So glad you’ve signed up for counselling support - it’s great to have someone to talk to who deals with people in the same place as you all the time - go for it!


Hi shammy, I went back to work as a HCA in a hospital 2 months after treatment ended, it did my mental health the world of good, as it gave me something to focus on when I was waiting for my results , I went back on phased return for 3 weeks,building it up each week. Then boom 12 hour nights. If you feel ready go for it :heart:


Thank you both @Jacks133 and @Jodz_XX ,

I know it’ll be the best distraction forme and give me a real boost!

Now I have to persuade my boss and my GP :crossed_fingers::woman_facepalming:

Hi Shammy I am going back to work on Monday it’s about 11 weeks post treatment to be honest I could have went back 4 weeks ago ( I was originally signed off for 3 months) but when I had my telephone follow up with CNS at 6 weeks she thought it was too soon and said I should return in December on a phased return so this is what I am doing.
At my first follow up with oncologist on November 18th he said most women when they returned to work are exhausted and told me to take it easy.
My side effects have been minimal and I will be working from home so I am confident that I will be fine.
If you feel ready go back if it turns out to be too early you can always take time off again.
Great to hear your feeling well and things are returning to normal for you x

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Was wondering how your 1st day back went? I hope it was positive.
I have a telephone appointment tomorrow with my GP re - return to work.
I’m aiming for 6th Jan so another month away but I’d like to give my boss as much notice as possible as she’ll need to inform my replacement before Christmas break and if it was me ( I’ve been in that position before) it’s better to know asap.

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Hi Shammy,

Enjoyed my first day back started at 8 and finished at 12 so a short day. I have been working from home since March 2020 I would prefer to go into office as I only live a 15 minute walk away but we are not allowed to go in and with this new strain of covid I can’t see myself back in the office anytime soon.

It was nice to catch up with my team, we had a quick chat and I have organised longer meeting for tomorrow.

For small periods you step back into your pre cancer life and everything is normal and then your reminded that you have cancer and that life has changed it’s all still very strange for me I still sometimes think I’m in a bad dream and its not real.

Great that you are feeling good and are looking forward to going back to work. Xx

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Yeah I do that sometimes… forget for a few minutes then boom I remember. Sometimes it literally takes my breath from me.

Glad your day went well! :heart: