I need help!!

Ok I’d really love to organise a Walk for Fun in Derby, however am in my final year at Uni with little time to spare, and have NO idea where to start (and know it’s a tad last minute). Anyone who has already organised one please please help me! I can think of the perfect venue, but have no idea what else to do in terms of publicity. Am I taking on too much with little time in which to organise myself? Any ladies in the Derby area too, I’d really appreciate some input. I’d love for this to happen!

Thanks ladies!


Hi Rei

Thanks for offering to organise a walk in Derby. I will send you some posters, guidelines etc in the post today if you PM me your address. If you know of a good venue for your walk, let me know and I will put it on the web page we have created.

It doesn’t need to be a huge event; if it turns out to be a dozen family and friends with a pub lunch/picnic at the end that will be great!

We will be sending an email shortly to all the organisers to ask how many balloons, Pearl of Wisdom brooches and cervical wrist bands they require. If people could donate by clicking on this link we would be hugely grateful:-


Let me know your address Rei and thanks a million.