I’m in a flap! Please help

So, since age 25 (I’m now 31) I’ve never had a normal smear. First was moderate cell changes and HPV, went to colposopy and all was “okay.” Sent off for 3 yearly ones again and a “wait and see” approach.

Then age 28 I had moderate cell changes and HPV still, had punch biopsies at colposcopy, all came back clear. Age 29, same thing, age 30, same thing. Biopsies always coming back clear after colposcopy and told to wait another year.

So this year (between last year being all okay after punch biopsies) my cell changes were high grade severe and still have HPV. I’ve been to colposcopy last week and they did a LLETZ of a large area or cervix (it was the size of my thumb!) and said they’ll do investigations on the biopsy.

I have had some mild bleeding after sex and my periods have been brutal along size MASSIVE bloating over the past year maybe. Was told this was all just normal by docs and given blood thinning meds for my period.


This time the colposcopist was very quiet, she’s the same I’ve always had and always chatty and lovely. She also wouldnt let me see the monitor this time which she normally does… where the white dress are after the solution goes in.
After this colposcopy she gathered her notes and said she needed to go to “do this paperwork ASAP” for me and scurried off. And it’s got me worried. Sounds silly I know. But normally she stays and talks me through stuff.

But firstly. How can my cells that have been monitored yearly become severe high grade in a year? I know I have persistent high risk HPV.

What’s the chances of this actually being cancerous?
How long do you wait for LLETZ results?
What on earth is going on?! :sob::rofl:

I can totally understand your anxiety and I hope you’re feeling better now (I have only just seen your post or would have replied sooner) Try not to read too much into her demeanor, anything could be going on in her life too. Just take it step by step. Mine seemed to go from nothing to CIN 2 in a year which I found alarming too. However, all you can do is focus on the fact you are aware of it, you are being monitored and there will be a way to deal with whatever happens next. My results took three weeks to come back. I ended up ringing and getting them over the phone so you can always call the colposcopy clinic or at least ask them when you can expect the results. It feels like a long uncertain wait doesn’t it? I hope you can take care of yourself in the meantime and try not too worry too much (easier said than done I know). Keep thinking of the positives, that soon you’ll have more detailed knowledge and that you are dealing with this situation. X