I love E coli!


You know you're a pelvic cancer survivor when you're delighted to find that you're peeing razorblades because of a nice, cuddly bacterial infection instead of something more sinisterCool.  It serves me right for wearing nylon tights to bed to keep warm while camping.  In the future, it will be a nice warm onesie and no drawers!

Hope you are all well.


Big Hugs

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I hear you. I am on my second infection in one month. I have on and off blood in my urine (I know it is from the infection because very recently had check up/scan) and doctors have said it's the uti's. 

I am drinking so much water and only wear cotton knickers. I hope it stops soon coz I am over taking antibiotics as well. 

Ps the onesie sounds like a good idea haha 

Rosie xx

During my treatment the doctor advised me to wear a long dress and no knickers. It definitely helps.

Even now 3 months after treatment I put my big fluffy dressing gown on in the evening and lose the knickers.

Hubby has got used to me saying I need to get my drawers off !

d - mannose saves me each and every time from UTIS - look it up ladies - always get the powder, and the dose is 1 heaped teaspoon every 3-4 hours untill it clears !!