I Know It Can't Be Helped But SOOOO ANNOYED!!

So last week after a hysteroscopy examination I was given the date 4th November for a simple trachelectomy.

With living over an hour away from the children's school & a stay at home mum to my 2 year old iv had to ask family and friends to take time off work to help me while i recover. 

Got a letter through today to say it has been rearranged for the 25th. 

I understand these things happen but I literally lastnight booked my 2 girls birthday party for the 30th and now I'm not sure anybody can take the time off with it being close to Xmas. 

Really am annoyed!! 



Bless u xxx

its not fair when you get messed about when it is something as important as this!!! This is life changing stuff to you but to them u are a name on a list... They forget the effects it has on everything and the arrangements that need to be made... Is there anyone you can talk to to express this to? Is there any chance of any changes? see who you can talk to tomorrow. ring the consultants secretary? 

I am sorry for you...

hugs xxx dons

I really feel for you! When I had my breast cancer treatment chemo, surgery and rads I had to ask for help. I'm sure people will understand and everyone will help. Also get a cleaner in once a week to help you and never turn down help from others. 

Thanks ladies.

i will phone tomorrow and ask if there's any other options.

I don't even know if next weeks pre-op still stands or not. 

My girls have already been through so much this year so I really don't want to let them down with the party and want to be there with them but not sure thatl be possible now And I'm not sure the people that had already booked time off to help me can now change. 

My dads works have said no to changing his holidays, my friend isn't able to take holidays in december so know I'm just hoping il be fine by 2 weeks otherwise I may have no choice but to get on with it! 

I know I sound spoilt and it is probably out of their hands but like you said we do have lives to plan around! 



Hi Johanna,

You don't sound spoilt at all. You have every right to feel annoyed. You want to make sure that you gave the best recovery possible so it's frustrating when you had everything all arranged. Take care xx 

Thanks Tes,

After what seemed like an age waiting (it really wasn't long atal!) I had just got myself geared up for the 4th and made arrangements for help. Decided it was quite good timing as il be 3 weeks post op for my two girls' party with the horses and all settled in time for Xmas but now some of the people I had arranged to help me can't change their holidays, my husband can only take the first 2 days off and il only be 5 days post op for the party & only 4 weeks before xmas! Its a good job most of my Xmas shopping is done! 

Ps I'm still annoyed lol


Better get wrapping all the presents then!! At least u will keep urself busy until the op xxx

5 days post op for party? I hope it's one of those where u don't have to do too much except watch... I was surprised how well I felt for first few days when I got home from hospital so you will be able to cope if u can sit and watch. What is not helpful is hubbie not having time off... Can he play to his boss's compassion? My hubbies boss was very good after he sat and had a chat with him.

call some favours in from friends, u don't know if u don't ask. Talk to parents of friends of ur children, they may be able to help. Also nursery/school, my daughters school and breakfast club/after school club were very accomodating as was mum of her best friend.

good luck matey xxx hope u can get things sorted


I'm just impressed you have done all your Christmas shopping! :-). I really hope you get some help. Xx 

He's head of PE at a high school and there's exams over the time my op is now booked for so he can't get the time off. And the girls are having a pony party at the stables! It ment a lot to me that they have a good day at the yard. We've always had our own horses but last year (almost rxactly a year actually) I got an infection on my brain and was quite poorly. Since iv been left with seizures and migraines so we had to sell up & my girls have missed being with the horses so much so their party probably means more to me than them but I just wanted to give them a great day. They've had a really crappy year! We live on a farm in the middle of nowhere & its a 2 hour round trip to get the children to & from school hence my concern on how we will manage after op. I still carry my 2 year old most places as most of our lanes arnt suitable for a pram. 

Im sure itl all sort itself out one way or the other but just not a clue what's going to happen at the minute! 

Abit naughty of me but I hate wrapping so I was planning on milking the excuse of "I'm ill" to get out of wrapping the presents haha. 

hope you are both well


Hi Johanna88,

Sounds like you have been having quite the time of it! I totally sypathise with the changing of appointments as it can cause havoc. My hubby had to take all his time off to look after the kids when I was recovering from my Hysterectomy so he can only get limited days off now for my follow ups..Drives me potty when things get changed last minute.

Well Done getting organised for Xmas! I keep saying that I will start tomorrow..lol! Will probably end up the same as I was last year and running around on Xmas Eve :-/

I just read that you have Vain 111. Im due to have a Vault Smear in January to check for Vain. I havent done much research on it yet..What kind of treatment do you get for it? creams? laser? Hoping nothing shows up but I like to be prepared.

Sending you lots of well wishes with your treatment and lots of positve thoughts coming your way.

Love n hugs,



Hi Shaz,

Il be honest I don't really know much about this VAIN thing but I read on here its the same as CIN but on the vaginal walls. I'm having laser treatment on mine whilst my trachelectomy is done. So I'm guessing VAIN 111 is basically the same as CIN 111? 

It really is rubbish we have to go through so much of this alone :( my husband doesn't get holiday allowances due to being a teacher so so far iv had to go to all my appointments alone except from the hysteroscopy. 

I know it sounds really selfish but im really upset he is only allowed 2 days off when I have my surgery. For all I know those 2 days il still be in hospital & I know all il want is him to comfort me. So far my mum has a week off to help with the children post op but then I have no idea what we will do after that. 

I have my pre-op tomorrow so I'm going to let them know I can come in at anytime if they get a cancellation. 

Hope your doing ok.


Hi johanna88, thanks for replying.. So sorry it's taken me do long to get back to you as my internet has been playing up and driving me potty.. Anyway, wanted to wish you well and hope your treatments are all positive. And guess what? Having no internet forced me out to do the Xmas shopping so I'm almost finished! ;) Hugs from shaz xx

Great news on the Xmas shopping but I bet you still end up doing a lash dash Xmas eve like we always seem to end up doing! 

My trachelectomy is a week today so getting nervous but I have a hectic week getting everything in place & sorted for while I'm recovering so hoping that keeps me occupied.