I just want to moan ...

Sorry, this is a moan. I haven't been on here in a while but issues keep rearing up and I just wanted to (virtually) be around people who get it.

I was supposed to get the 'ding ding' sign off after my hysterectomy around January 2020. In December 2019 I had an awful ruptured cyst on my right ovary which resulted in a two day hospital stay. As a result I was feeling pretty apprehensive about my two year post surgery vault smear and sure enough during the exam the words "I can see a lesion ... " were uttered again. Aaahhh, really!! This is how it all started back in 2017.

A trip to the Gynaecologist/Oncologist a few weeks later (I am bleeding after sex at this point) for a biopsy which, thank goodness, confirmed granulation tissue and it was treated and removed.

I'm still having pains on my ovaries. Some quite intense, like I can't stand up straight until it passes. My standard Gynaecologist says he sees a lot of women with ovarian cysts after total hysterectomies and a fair percentage end up getting them removed? Anyone have any experience of that?

Anyway, January 2021 comes round and I'm ready for my new 'ding ding' vault smear sign off and ... during the exam I hear "I can see a polyp" so I'm sending you back to the Oncologist so he can check it.

Aaaarrrggghhhh! I feel like I reached my 40's and my reproductive system has thrown temper tantrums ever since.

Hi Lucykp,

Its good to have a moan sometimes.  Every 'i just want to check it out' sends you into a tail spin.  I would say they are probably accurate if they say 'polyp'.  40's do suck though in terms of heath.  There are good bits though, like caring much less what people think and doing things that make yourself happy!

Much love. Xx