I just had lletz today

Hi all,

i have read over the last 4 weeks a lot of varied lletz experiences, I know everyone is very different but wanted to share my positive experience to help others be less fearful of what can be seen as very scary in the run up to the appointment (I was petrified).

I had lletz today under local anaesthetic after a biopsy a month ago I had confirming I had CIN 1 with focul CIN 2.

in the last month I have been drinking huge amounts of green tea, stopped smoking and taken vitamins c, zinc & folic acid (as I read somewhere on here they all could help in naturally halting any cin progression).

Today teary and nervous I went to my appointment with my boyfriend who waited outside. I am a massive baby when it comes to anything invasive but i was fine. Squealing & swearing with the fact my legs were in stirrups and embarrassment but that was more the worry. In terms of pain, not a pang.

I can honestly say, for me a Hollywood bikini wax is so much worse (but I've always found waxing painful).

My doctor said whilst placing the dye in during colposcopy but before lletz today that my abnormal area HAD SHRUNK since my last colposcopy!!! I'm not saying it was the green tea, quitting smoking nor vitamins but can't help but feel it not only stopped progression but began to reverse it. Perhaps that's in my head but I'm not going to stop this new healthy intake.

Obviously I have no idea what the results will end up saying, however I'm elated after lletz- knowing I've done what I can and moving forward more positive and healthy than I was been before.

I'm going to my doctor soon to ask about HPV vaccination if I get the all clear. £450 from Boots for 3 sessions. Costly but a small price to pay. I'm telling all my friends to do this, there should be more promotion around this and much more education around HPV! I had no idea before my experience. 





Glad it was less! About the vaccine, there is a new one against 9 serotypes so make sure you get this one. Anyway, I asked my doctor and this is recommended regardless you get the all clear or not ;)

Good luck!


Wow so pleased ! read this one! i have been drinking green tea taking more vitamins including folic acid i dont smoke and im back at the hospital tomorrow so im hopeful ! x