I have no one to talk to

Hi i know this may sound silly but I have no one to talk to! I have a laser and loop biopsy under Ga on the 30th and I’m so scared! I spoke to my husband about it and his stupid words were… Why are u scared? It’s not like your having heart surgery, the he went on to say so if ur scared of the treatment that must mean ur scared of lights as it’s the exact same thing!! I mean is he for real??? I have no friends where I live and my family I can’t talk too! Not even my sister. Sorry if This seems like a stupid post to any one as I know there are other people out there going through a lot worse than I am

Hi Cody,

Sorry you are going through this. I found it all horrendously stressful and can completely appreciate where you are coming from (unlike your husband, apparently...) I expect it is probably weighing on your mind about the gap in your smear history too, it certainly had me thinking all sorts of wild thoughts and getting really upset that I hadn't been sooner. Men are very funny creatures, although he is acting like it is nothing to worry about, he may well be deeply terrified but struggling to admit it. With regards to talking to people, firstly that is what Jo's is here for and secondly, I think you would be surprised about how many people have silently been through the same anxiety but just dont talk about it. My husband tried desperately hard to be reassuring but didnt always get the balance right either (something about having the tip of a finger removed I recall...) he later said he had been really worried but couldnt say so, especially as I was falling apart. Rightly or wrongly, after my first experience, I put a post about it on facebook, mainly to raise awareness of a Jo's campaign. Anyway, you would not believe how many ladies came to tell me that they had been through similar gynae issues. I found talking through my fears, with someone who was not my sex-starved, father of my children, bearer of the life insurance policy husband a real help. I also spent a lot of time on the sofa eating chocolate :-) 

My second LLETZ was under GA and having never had anaesthetic before I was really stressed. The team were all really kind and informative. If you are worried about any aspect of the procedure they are there to help,

Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat. You WILL be ok, it is very unlikely to be anything sinister.

Big hugs



Hi Cody,


Sorry you're going through this.  Sometimes guys can, without meaning to(!), be incredibly insensitive when they think they are being reassuring!  I am only at the start of this journey (first colp next week) so I can't help with any treatment questions but I'm here if you want to chat x

thankyou both for your replies.

Hi phleap, its true guys can be insensitive!! maybe because they dont have to go through anything like us women have to go through!

i hope your not too worried about your colposcopy. i found it wasnt painful just uncomfortable and embarrassing but i had a really nice doctor which helped.



I'm pretty terrified, not gonna lie!  But not about the procedure (although obviously not looking forward to a strange man looking up my hoohaa), just the results.  My OH just keeps saying there's no point worrying about it, whatever happens we'll deal with it.  I'm like, yeah cos its so easy to just not worry about it! lol.  x

you never know u might have a women? my sister did, and i hope u get good results, the waiting is the worst especially towards the end. I waited 7 weeks for my results but from week 5 i was constantly waiting for the post to arrive lol x

My letter listed a man as my consultant but did say I could be seen by someone else so it could be a woman.  7 weeks is a long time, isn't it?  My letter said 4 weeks for biopsy results which seems like forever as it is, let alone 7 weeks! I can only imagine what it was like for you.  I know I'm going to be pacing from about 2 weeks though x

oh right, well i hope you get seen by a women. yes 7 weeks was very long! i rang up on the 6th week and they said they were sending it and that i would recieve it by end the end of the week by didnt actually recieve until the tuesday after! was a nightmare. but i do hope u get urs quickly :) x