I Have My Date!!

Hi Ladies

Not long had a call from the consultants secretary - the op date is next Tuesday 8th October!!!  OMG, thought I might get more notice than that but relieved it's not long to wait now.  She said admissions would be ringing me shortly to go for my pre-ops which will either be this afternoon or tomorrow.

I have got to report to the hospital at mid-day, last food at 6am (don't think I'll feel like eating!) and last drink at 8am.

At the pre-op they will be giving me laxatives to take on Monday so guess I will be hogging the toilet!

Feeling very shaky and nervous but just want to get this over and done with.


That's great Cheryl, they really pulled it out of the hat in the end with a date so close! Very glad your anxious waiting time is over, and best of luck next week xxx


i am so so pleased for you, no more waiting. Blimey, that was a quick turn around in the end. Better get shopping for those big knickers this weekend then.

never so pleased to have a major op, eh?

good luck

mucho hugs

xxx dons

Thank you!  At least it's only 5 knee quivering days!!Smilexx

Many thanks Dons - already have the big knickers and granny nighties ready!  You are so right, never thought I'd be so pleased to be having a major op though of course the other side of me is as nervous as hell!  Bought some relaxation CD's last week so will be playing them back to back I reckon!!

Hope the wind and constipation is a bit better for you today!  Hey, we have no pride left now do we!!


Yay finally!! Although I'm jealous you go in 2 days before me ;) glad the wait is over xxxx

At least we will be only 2 days apart so can compare recovery notes afterwards!  I'm just so relieved I haven't long to wait.xx

Hi Cheryl,

Congratulations xxx We both are going for op on the same day …  how exciting is that! I think I will start shaking on Monday. Have my pre-assessment tomorrow at 8:30am, hmmm. Everything is still so surreal. Good luck to you xxxx




Excellent! Not too much longer to wait :)

Hi Jelena

That's great news we are going the same day - surgery buddies!!  I have my pre-op at 3.45pm tomorrow.  You are right, it does feel very surreal.  Good luck to you too.xx


I know its a huge weight off your mind isn't it. I had my letter through today confirming my op date, set me off in floods of tears! Not feeling so strong today xx

When the 2nd call came yesterday about my pre-op they said they would send the confirmation letter out straightaway.  I'm not feeling so strong today either - it was a relief to get the date yesterday but today I feel very wobbly.  Guess it hasn't helped with it being my last day at work and everyone wanting to talk about it.

Got the pre-op at 3.45pm and plan to leave work about 3 ish. Can't eat the sandwich I brought in for lunch but have managed a banana!

Will be so glad when this op is over.  Know from the posts that another set of problems start but hopefully I won't feel the same as I do now!



Bananas are good for you, don't worry!!

use this weekend well. Go for a lovely walk, enjoy some good wine and make sure you have everything as you want it for next week. No time to wobble, to many lovely things to do!!!! Enjoy the next few days. No more work for weeks and weeks now!

xxx dons

Hi Ladies

Had, my pre-op this afternoon, it lasted about an hour and 10 mins.  She was a lovely nurse who was very calming and really understood my anxiety about the op.  I had the usual problem in that they struggled to get blood out of me (I have deep set veins) but they managed to get some in the end.  They said if there wasn't enough they'd get some more when I was admitted.

I asked about pre-op sedation and she said she'd ask but it all depended on what time I went down for the op.  If I was first then the sedation wouldn't have time to work anyway.  Better get practising some relaxation techniques over the weekend!!

Came out feeling quite positive although that will probably fade a bit by Tuesday!  Got 2 sachets of Picolax to take on Monday to clear me out, now that is something to look forward to, lol!!

Told hubby I want to go out for lunch on Sunday.  That is normally my worst day so want to do something that will have more people around and take my mind of it.

Hope you are all doing ok; was only thinking yesterday how lovely it would be if we could all meet up in the future - I feel like I have made some really good friends here.

Thank you all so much for your support.


This is great news that you have your date! Not much longer to go now :) keep strong! Oh... The dreaded picolax. (See my dreaded picolax post!! Haha) I had the same stuff. I wasn't a big fan of the flavour :( but honestly it's all over before you know it ;) just abit of a pain to have to spend your last day close to a toilet! Hope you're doing ok, take care xx

Hi Em

Just read your dreaded picolax post - deep joy!!!  Trying to keep my mind occupied as when I think about the op I get more than a bit wobbly.  Read the posts how some looked forward to it as it was finally getting treated but I'm not in that mode yet!  Looking forward to the op being over even if there are going to be some tough times - it's just the actual op for me that gives me the shakes.


Its great you have your date now Cheryl - its the next step to kicking this into touch eh.  I would be absolutely terrified as well - I'm still at the very early stage of this only just having had a  colposcopy !  I get stressy just thinking about having the Lletz proceedure !

I've had picolax though - had that before a colonoscopy last year and it is so not fun - but will certainly keep you occupied the day before

Wishing you lots of strength and positive vibes for Tuesday



Picolax,eh? Glad I didn't need that on the day before as had a 2hour drive to the hospital lol! You may be very grateful of it after the op though so keep an extra packet or too ... ;-)

enjoy your Sunday lunch! Make sure you get pudding too and a large glass of rose... Followed by a Baileys over ice... Yum... Oh, another bottle of water it is for me along with some lactolose... Urgh... Enjoy whilst you can!!!!

you will just want the op to be over, believe me. It is nerve wracking but you will want that cc out of your body. The whole process of the op was fine, nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The medical team around me were entertaining me the whole time! Kept me chatting, well they were chatting, I said very little. I can't even remember the drug going into the cannula! Then I was waking up in recovery just very tired and slurring my words but extremely chatty, ached but not in pain.

youll be fine xxx

Thank you Dons, that has reassurred me quite a bit.  Know you were nervous beforehand so if you say it was nowhere as bad as you thought it would be then that certainly helps.

I keep trying to focus on the good they are doing for me in getting that cc out.

The strangest thing is that I usually love a glass (or two!) of wine but all I want to drink at the mo is tea!!!!  Think this thing has affected me in very strange ways!!

Sounds like you are still suffering with the constipation, I have that to look forward to!!!!


Many thanks Disey - really appreciate the good wishes for Tuesday.

I too was stressy about the Lletz but it was fine, there was no pain and couldn't believe how quickly is was done.  There were 2 nurses in with me and we were chatting about what was going on in the soaps.  I didn't even feel the local anaesthetic being injected!

Really hope it goes well for you.