I have a question not sure if anyone will know the answer..

Not sure wether anyone knows the answer but the hpv virus is spread through sex or genital contact correct? The partner im with has only ever had sex with me he was a virgin . I have been with him 9 years just gone. I on the other hand have slept with 5 people (including my partner. Would my partner have had the hpv virus even though he had never had sex? And if i had caught it before my partner would i have gotten rid of it by now? Or could i have given it to him and its going backwards and forwards between us? Im trying to to keep busy by finding out all i can . Sorry if this post is in the wrong place x

Hi Stacey

My understanding is that the HPV can lie dormant and you can have 'flare-up' of it.  It is also likely that the virus started off with you as your partner would not of had it if he was a virgin and then you would likely have passed it onto him and he in turn could have re-infected you with it.  A bit like a tennis match!  Sorry to make light of it but unfortunatly its an extremely common virus.

I must admit that i am not sure if it could be passed orally so if your partner had oral sex but not penatrative sex he could possible have gotten it that way but I am not sure.  Best thing to do is to use the 'Ask the Experts' part of this site as they are the ones who are medically trained and will be able to answer your question.

Anna xx

Thank u anna didnt see the ask the experts sectiom thank you for your reply xx