I have 2 cervixes

I had to go for an ultrasound a few days ago and I thought it was because something was found in my colposcopy biopsy as my results didnt arrive until today, my biopsy results were ok though I still have HPV

When I went for the ultrasound I was told that I needed the scan done because over 10 years ago I was told that I had a divided uterus which I had mentioned when I had the colposcopy done.   The scan in fact showed that I have 2 cervical canals and there had been a septum (division) down my vagina but that wasnt there anymore though the colposcopy nurse had noticed that one had been there. The lady who did the ultrasound said that the septum was most likely very fragile so it could easily come out during sex and that might have happened years ago.


Now I have to go back and have 2 smears done and I was wondering if anyone has 2 cervixes?


i just wanted to pop in and say that is the most bizar thing! You are very special lol. i have never known anyone to have 2! i am very intrigued. sorry, I'm currently studying to be a Paramedic and find the human body the most amazing thing ever!


i hope someone else with 2 cervix' comes along so you can have a proper talk about it.

best wishes. xxxxx

Hiya, I don't have two cervixes, but I know someone who does. She had two uteruses as well and had treatment at the Hammersmith when she wanted a family -they're specialists in double lady-bits there apparently!


all the best



Just found out yesterday that I have two fully formed Cervixes, Uterus Didelphys, I was told but won't know if I have two wombs until after the ultrasound.

Nice to know I'm not the only one and my apologies if this never gets to you as I realise it was last posted in 2013, but it's the only post that I could find on here about our condition!

Hope you're doing well. :)