I got my start date!

So I didnt get the 6th round of Chemo. Turned out my white cell count was too low anyway!

So I was given the chat about the helpline if I get a temp etc etc and told to go home. I’ll be getting a phone call consultation in 4 weeks which is the standard way atm with Covid.

Doc extremely unconcerned about me getting the 6th. Said its the old number… that the UK studies now say 5 is satisfactory.

I hope this post has been a help to someone.

So… that’s it for a while. Gonna give my head a break and do my upmost to enjoy my sons birthday tomorrow and then Christmas.



@Shammy716 just right, concentrate on getting yourself healed now and enjoy the upcoming celebrations!
I have had my first 2 days over me so 2 radiotherapy and one chemotherapy down- so far so good!

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@Shammy716 wish you all the best! Your posts helps so many of us. Might I ask if your Chemoradiotherapy is the main treatment or adjuvant? Is the rads IMRT?

Happy Festival season ahead! Xx

First week of treatment over yesterday! All perfectly manageable so far- 5 radiotherapy and 1 chemo down


Glad to hear it went well.

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Great to hear it went well long may it continue.

Keep us posted take care xx

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