I got my results!

Its been a while since I posted, I truly hope you guys are all doing o.k…

Just a bit of an update in regards to me, I had my post op appointment with the histology results and it was confirmed that my original diagnosis was correct and everything came back clear so no more treatment is needed … I am so relieved especially seeing as I’ve hated being 44 (my sister passed aged 44 to secondary breast cancer 8 years ago) and its my Birthday on Tuesday and I turn 45 - never has turning a year older been so significant to me.

I’m now 23 dpo, getting better each day despite having to have antibiotics for an incision wound infection (the nurse thinks its a rogue stitch) - still have to have a nap if I’ve been out which I’ve discovered I can manage for a max 3 hours, but I’m doing o.k ! I’ve even dyed my hair today, got a nail appointment on Thursday and a trim at the hairdressers Friday ! Anything to start making me feel me again !


Happy to hear! And happy birthday! I understand what you are saying and the importance of that specific birthday. As some time passes, it feels good to see that you’ve come a long way and are feeling better. I had to take antibiotics, too, and luckily recovered well afterwards, and also during the time I was taking them the wounds were healing.