I ended up in hospital seriously I’ll after 1st chemo

Hi, so I had my first chemo session on the 12th November and ended up in hospital 10 days later with sepsis and abscesses. I was in hospital for a month and came home just before Christmas with 2 weeks worth of antibiotics.
I have stage 3 cervical cancer and after the pet scan I was only initially offered 3 rounds of chemo to see if it would shrink before allowing me to have radiotherapy. Now my chemo has been put back a week due to staffing issues and the anxiety is getting to me. Has anyone else had anything similar happen to them?

Hi Paula,

I am really sorry for your diagnosis and what you have been through as it looks like you have a really hard time at the very beginning of your treatment. I was hospitalised for a week after my 2nd chemo cycle as I developed high fever from chemo. The gave me antibiotics to prevent sepsis and to bring the fever down. As I was hospitalised to a different hospital than where I got the treatment, it was arranged daily transportation from one hospital to another to do the radiotherapy for that week. Each case is different, is it possible to gave you different chemo drug and not cysplatin due to any underline condition? I would suggest to ring your nurse/hospital for consultation to understand what it is going on. If they have resource issues maybe to refer you to a different hospital for treatment.

Hi Maria,
Thank you for your reply. Did you have your radiotherapy whilst you had your temperature? How far are you through your treatment now?
I didn’t realise I could ask if I could go elsewhere for my treatment so thanks for your advice.
I guess that I’m also worried about having my next chemo because I was so ill. The doctors have said that I am lucky to still be here. I’m only having 3 rounds of chemo anyway before I have a scan to see if it’s working.

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Hi Paula,

Yes I had it because studies showed that the treatment success rate can decrease if you missed even a day. For this type of cancer it is crucial not to miss/postpone any radiotherapy session. I remember when I arrived at the hospital that night and spoke with the E&A doctor, he was saying to postpone treatment until I recover and I was panicking requesting to speak to my radiotherapy doctor who insisted to bring me to the hospital the next day for the radiotherapy. As I had a bad reaction with chemo my doctor prescribe me some extra medication to be administered during the chemo with cisplatin which helped me not to develop any more fever. I remember the nurse was asking me if it was a mistake as apparently they provide these in more intense chemotherapy treatments. I finished treatment Nov 20 a year ago. I would suggest speak to your consultant and if you are not happy with the response seek a second opinion. Lack of staffing should not have an impact on your treatment especially if it is for cancer.

Fever is pretty common side effect of chemo and indeed it might be life threatening if you don’t rush to the hospital to administer antibiotics. I had the same fear back then as you have now for your chemo but you will be alright now that they know .