I don't know why I'm here

I have just realised I have actually signed up to here so I must be looking for support but I don't no why, I am 28 I went for my routine pap after suffering from a lot of bleeding sometimes after sex and I  have suffered for about a year with terrible lower back pain usually when I lay down , the nurse said my cervix was very inflammed when she did the pap results came back with mild dysphasia  I can not spell sorry and tested positive for hpv, so I went for a colposcopy which he took biopsys and did endo cervical swabs that came back cin 2 and I had too go for a leep and cautery I had this under general also my discharge notes said large ectopy and to wait on histology, I think what I'm trying to ask is off its cin surely my results can not turn into cc , I'm sorry to go on I'm not sure what I am I even writing regards Laura x 

Hey, don’t be daft. Everyone needs a bit of a rant. When was your loop operation? My 2nd one was on the 25th of Oct, and I’m waiting. Had a 2 weeks sick note but could of not stayed at home, so been back at work after 4 days. Anything to keep my mind off it. Anyway, I’m waiting, you’re waiting, we can wait together. I have developed a bit of a glass of wine at 8 pm habit since my colposcopy, so you’ll find me here usually between 8 and 10 pm if you fancy a winge. Big cuddles xxx

Hello very nice to meet you shame under the circumstances I had mine  on 29th so waiting together sounds good they said I was only going to be under 15 minutes but took 1hr 15 min I am very numb every cancer possible runs though my family mh mum had breast cancer last year and my dad prostrate this year I'm just hoping I'm not the unlucky third xx 

My dad has just recovered from leukemia, CC is not genetic, but it does make it all much worse having seen people going through it. You kind of know what’s coming for you!! Scary stuff, scary place to be in. Luckily for us Jo’s is here! I am not good at being patient. The 1st LLETZ was easy, I was there for about an hour, they discharged me same day, telling me it was 99% that I’d have to come back for the 2nd one. The 2nd one took its toll though. I’ve been a right cow. My work mate has been putting up with me. Just. My boyfriend got a mobile thrown at him, just cause he had a music on too loud, whilst tidying the apartment last Sunday afternoon. And I’m not a violent person at all. My emotions are all over the place. Just want to know what’s what. xx

PS Have you told your mum and dad yet? I'm not saying anything unless I actually do need a chemo! They leave in Europe, so it's not like one of my mates is gonna bump into them and spill the beans xx

hello sorry it took so long to get back, lol i do the wine thing too im sorry to hear about your dad and i am so glad about his recovery.
yes all my family no i have two small children and needed help with them as my hubby works full time.
the wait is killing me im dreading hearing my phone going off because my friend who has cervical cancer said her dr rang before she got her results asking her to go in, i just hoe the wait is not much longer so i can get on with my life.