I don't know what my letter means

I'm not a brit, so i don't really get the lingo, but i had biopsy done when i went to get my colposcopy, and two weeks later i got one letter from my obgyn that he will arrange an  appointment for me for local treatment, and few days later i got second letter from hospital that review appointment has been booked for me. It doesn't specify any treatment or procedure, so i'm not really sure what to expect.

They'll offer you LLETZ or what you call in the states LEEP procedure of they found worrying cell changes.  There's lots of information online on LEEP and what to expect.

They offered me "see and treat" meaning that they did the LLETZ at my colposcopy but maybe that's less common in the US.  I would think that "local treatment" would be LEEP.

Good luck to you Walrus