I don't know if I'm posting in the right place

Hi there,
I’m new to the site - I’m looking for some advice. I have recently turned 30. My most recent smear test was over a year ago and everything was clear. I am recently having some symptoms and I am worried, I had some bleeding post period, when I’d wipe it would sometimes be a dirty browny red colour and sometimes very fresh and red and I was experiencing so abdominal pain, I went to the drs he prescribed me a weeks worth of anti biotics which I have completed. The bleeding has stopped but the pain continues, in addition I have an elevated amount of CM (I usually have discharge but this is marginally heavier) and from last night I started having pain/ a numb feeling in my right leg. I had some blood tests today, I rang the doctor and I need to go back in on Monday for an appointment. Im scared, I have a horrible feeling and I am terrified. i want to make sure the dr pays attention to me and that they don’t fob me off. Please please can someone give me some advice I’m so scared