I didn't follow advice and now I'm bleeding loads

Hi everyone firstly thanks for this forum as there's nothing else as helpful on the Internet. 

Secondly. I had the loop treatment at end of Nov. Got an infection and took antibiotics which then gave me thrush. Took medication for that. I started light jogging and flat cycling after 10 days as that's moderate exercise. Then the bleeding started and has got heavier and heavier. My period is definitely due so it might be that. But just now I had enormous blood clots, like a mis carriage and huge bleeding. The bleeding and clots smell like the first infection did


- is this normal?

- have I undone all the wound healing by exercising and now my body is turning inside out?!?!

- have I got an infection?

- what should I do??

I'm really upset because I'm supposed to be going on holiday and I feel like I've ruined it ie I'll take longer to heal now!

Any help greatly appreciated!

No advice im afraid just hugs, am nearly 1 week post lletz treatment and have had light bleeding up till now not really sure what to expect

Take care x


not to make you feel sadder but I was told not to exercise for the full healing process. It seems that everyone seems to have different answers though and different advice just the same as everyone’s healing processes seem to be completely different also from what I am gathering. 

I am currently four days post LLETZ. (Such a lovely experience! - please note the sarcasm) 

i would get yourself checked out by your GP or call the colposcopy dept just to check etc but I wouldn’t think you’ve done loads of damage. might just need recortorizing which some people have had to do I’ve gathered from reading. Try not to stress though.  just get yourself checked out!


sending lots of love your way