I couldn’t wait for my letter to share with you..

Hey my lovely ladies!

So I called the colposcopy department again on Friday as I said I would. I got through to someone else this time round and explained I had been on Jo's forum and everyone suggests to call and ask! She said it probably was still a little early however she told me the results don't go there anywhere and I needed to call the secretary. She was very understanding and seemed to become even more helpful after mentioning I'd been on the forum and even said "oh you've been on Jo's have you". 

She gave me the secretary's number who I called and left a voicemail for, her voicemail said she didn't work Mondays.

I got a call back from the secretary yesterday and said my results landed yesterday morning and my letter had been typed!

It says CIN2 and they want me back for test of cure in 6 months! WHAT A RELIEF! 

I did go on to ask if that means my margins are clear and she wasn't too sure and said she would call me back. She called me back just 5 minutes ago and said she spoke to the Dr that did the LLETZ who reviewed my results and said she didn't seem too worried but has booked me in for a telephone clinic on Friday so she can specifically talk through my results with me which is extra peace of mind I think so I'm looking forward to that! 

I know lots of you have been waiting for my results with me so I thank you hugely for your support during this anxious time. It's been on my mind every day and if I'm being completely honest, I was convinced it was bad news and that I had cancer. I feel stupid for even writing that now, almost guilty for those of you that don't and didn't receive the results you want. 
For those of you with CC I'm sending you massive hugs and positive well wishes.

For those of you awaiting results, nothing anyone can say will make it any easier, I totally appreciate its hard to 'think positive' with something such as this looming over you. But your results are on their way and do not feel guilty for chasing. So from my experience you want to ask for the secretary's number or email address :) 

For those of you awaiting colposcopy, there are many many outcomes from a colposcopy and is hugely dependent on the severity of your abnormalities in the first place and what they see when they get 'in there' haha. So my advice to you is to try not to worry until you've got something to worry about! (My Nan's advice!) and make a little list of questions to take with you, write them down otherwise you absolutely will forget.

If you have any questions whatsoever about my experiences I'm more than happy to answer them. I will check back periodically and continue to give advice to newbies on here where I can. 
Then I'll be back in 6 months for sure to update my test of cure result! 



This makes me so happy!!!! I only come on here to see if you have posted! Amazing, amazing news and I know how relieved you will be feeling! Your results are the same as mine and we can forget about it now until our smear which I am sure will be fine! 

I'm sure if the margins were not clear then they would ask you to go back anyway, so I'm sure they are! 

ah such fantastic news, so so happy for you ?

I'm so pleased!


I know we haven't spoke but I've read your posts whilst I've been worrying about my own bits and they have been comforting to know I'm not alone. 


Don't forget to update your bio so future people coming across your old messages will be able to see your good news even if they don't see this one ?? 


I'm delighted for you ? 

This is amazing to read. I'm glad it was actually only CIN2 for you and not worse.. it gives people like me hope it'll all be ok l.

2 weeks 3 days into my waiting 

So pleased for you! 

That's great news. Very pleased for you! ?

Thanks girls xxxx

Did the consultant call you on Friday? I hope they helped ease you further. X

Yes she did, she said she was happy that she got it all and was happy with the margins. She said they only usually use margin terminology when there is cancer rather than cells but she knew what I meant. She said I could still have HPV when I go back in 6 months but there is nothing she or I can do to stop it or get rid of it? Other than the treatments on offer and keep a close eye on my cells. Only thing that concerns me is that if my 6 month smear is clear I go back to 3 years which seems way too long. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there x

Oh yes, from 6 months to 3 years seems quite the leap doesn't it, but I'm guessing they wouldn't say it if the research wasn't there to back it up. 


I've just been catching up and seen you've wrote some lovely informative responses for people. You're so kind. Sending you lots of love for a beautiful six months ???