I couldn’t do it

Hi guys. So today I was booked in to have the loop for cin3. They had to change the local anaesthetic to something else as my heart wouldn’t have coped with the adrenaline in the normal one they use. 


Well they set up went to do it but i was so stressed and tense that my instersticial cystitus (bladder) started hurting cos it was getting crushed. 

I am so upset with myself and feel like a failure. I am going to try again this time iv got to take diazipam and hour before and if it fails again it will be a general. 


Im so angry and upset.

Oh hun. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. It's awful when you find something that scary.

BUT you went to the appointment. Big win! You got scared and couldnt do it, ok... but you are already making plans to go back and thinking about things to help, like diazepam. You sound like one strong lady if you ask me. You can't be brave if you don't find something scary. You find it scary and you are still going back. I know it's difficult, but don't beat yourself up about it xxx

Don't beat yourself up! This s**t is scary enough without piling the pressure on ourselves!


Onwards and upwards.. xx

Hey dont beat yourself up,  I found lletz dreadful and if I had known would have asked for GA if I could have.  If they need to do repeat I definitley will.  Well done for trying its scary and not much fun.  you take care sending lots of love xxxx

I had a leep a year ago with a different injection one with no adrenaline in. In all honesty the injection is the worse part I felt not much after. I was shaking and a real mess and after I realised I made it so much worse for myself with my anxiety. Try not to worry if you need a ga you need one it's that simple. It will never be a comfortable experience but make it as bare able as possible for you. It's your body and you going through this. Xx