I can't stop thinking about my results

Hello everyone.
My name is Silvia, and this is my second time writing here. I’m HPV positive (although vaccinated, so I guess is not a strain covered by the vaccine) and my first smear detected borderline, low grade cell changes. My colposcopy experience was not good, the doctor told me it actually looked severe and I left pretty traumatized by the experience. I wanted to thank all the lovely ladies that replied to my post :blue_heart:.
Since then I received my results a month after the colposcopy and the results said “The biopsy showed HPV changes only, so we won’t need to see you again. Come back in a year for another smear”.

Since then, I literally searched everywhere to find an answer to what “hpv changes only” could possibly mean. I saw my cervix on the screen, it turned white with the solution and turned yellow with the iodine test.
I called my GP to discussed my result, and he showed up completely unprepared and had no idea what I was talking about, so basically just mumbled I had CIN1.
I then proceeded to call the colposcopy clinic and the secretary after reading my results told me I actually have no CIN at all.
I left it for a while, but I keep having literal nightmares about it, so I decided to call my GP again and ask for a consultation in person with a female doctor.

Finally, she reads to me the more accurate results that they only send to GPs and the biopsy said I have no CIN, just inflammation.

I am now terrified the biopsy is wrong (the doctor kept asking the nurse for a sharper tool because he couldn’t get a good specimen), especially because the consultant told me that it looked severe to him. I saw my cervix on the screen and it definitely looked like CIN. I just don’t know what to do anymore…

aw bless you, that is so unhelpful and vague i really feel like these blanket vague letters are a bit unhelpful when there is so little generally known about this virus. I think phone the colposcopy clinic again and ask for some clarification as you have been told different things :slight_smile: x

sounds like they arn’t very worried though and they know what they are doing

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