I am to have brachytherapy .Dont know what to expect and no one to ask

 I am to have brachytherapy .Dont know what to expect and no one to ask I have already had radiotherapy and Chemotherapy but this is new to me  Can anyone tell me please



I have sent you a private msg xx

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If you use the tabs along the top, click on 'cervical cancer and abnormalities'

Then 'types and stages of cervical cancer' then 'treatment', it is under radiotherapy as it is internal radiotherapy x

(It won't let me post a link!)

Brachytherapy gives a controlled dose of radiotherapy directly to the cervix and the areas close by. Under a general anaesthetic, tubes are placed into the vagina and uterus so that the tubes lie directly touching the tumour. Radioactive balls (sources) can then be fed into the tubes and the radiation spreads directly out of the tube to the tumour. Sometimes you will have to have a scan with the tubes in place before the radiation dose is given. In some centres you will return to the ward after theatre with the tubes in place and the radiation is delivered by a machine, usually a selectron, for up to 24 hours. You will have to remain in bed during this time and will have a catheter in place to drain the bladder. This is generally put in place at the same time as the tubes so is in place when you wake up from the anaesthetic. The radioactive balls can be withdrawn regularly so that nurses can enter the room at regular intervals. It is not usually painful but may be uncomfortable and so painkillers can be given if necessary.
Once the treatment is completed, the tubes will be removed by one of the doctors or nurses and this can be a bit uncomfortable. Painkillers will be given before they are removed and sometimes sedation or gas and air may be given to make it easier for you.   It is not possible to have visitors during this treatment and so it can make you feel very isolated, frightened and depressed at a time when you might want people around you. If you experience these feelings, it is important that you let the staff looking after you know. You might also find it helpful to take plenty of reading material and things to keep you occupied whilst you are in isolation. You only need to be in isolation whilst the tubes are in place. Once they have been removed, the radioactivity disappears and it is perfectly safe to be with other people.  
In some radiotherapy departments, an implant containing a higher dose of radioactivity (microselectron) is used and this is only in place for a few minutes. These shorter treatments may need to be repeated several times, a few days apart, and may be given as an inpatient or an outpatient. It is often given under general anaesthetic for a short period of time. This treatment does not need a catheter to drain the bladder, however one may be needed when x-ray pictures are taken during the planning of the treatment. 

Hope that helps :-)
Be lucky 

Hi Shocked,

I'm currently halfway through my Chemo/Radiation treatment at the moment and have to finish with 3 Brachytherapy sessions.

You should have a Brachytherapy Practitioner you are able to contact who will discuss your treatment with you and what to expect.

I had a meeting with mines today, who talked me through the process and how it is delivered, who showed me the dilators & how to use them (Anne Summers eat your heart out !!!) and gave me a set to take home with me to become familiar with them.  Because I already had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, I don't have to stay in hospital to have my treatment given, this will be done as 3 weekly sessions to complete my treatment.

Please ask who your Brachy practitioner is and arrange to meet with them and they will put your mind at ease and tell you exactly what to expect from the treatment,

I hope that helps a little.

Stay Strong & Positive,

Feisty xx

I am due to start radiotherapy on Tuesday and I am quiet scared as I have been really unwell with my chemo (I have advanced cancer) and I've lost a lot of weight and have been sleeping a lot! I've got to have external radiotherapy and internal is also possible.....

Is there any side effects of the radiotherapy? Is it worse than the chemo?

I've been strong throughout my battle but I'm now wavering as I have been so poorly over the last 2 sessions and due to the cancer I have a hole in my bladder which also adds to my stress and worry

Sorry to be a pain

Oh bless you Carmel,

I am so sorry you are having such a rough ride. Because I had my radio and chemo together it was a little difficult to say what caused what. The radiotherapy I believe caused a little bit of bowel irritation and diarrhoea but you can mitigate this with a low fibre diet and liquid aloe vera. One or the other treatment made me exhausted, though this was exacerbated by huge amounts of travelling and sleeping in dormitories full of back-packers! I have no doubt whatsoever that your chemo experience is way more severe than most of us here and so I'd like to reassure you that the radio will be comparitively easy, but obviously I cannot guarantee that. Let me know if you want my full radiotherapy diet, it was draconian and it's in Greek but I think I can still translate it for you if you are interested.

Be lucky :-)

I had 50 radio after my chemo.like you say the Chemo was BAD but the radio I had no problem with I would have my treatment in the morning and go out for the day after ,I even went to my Son's wedding and had a great time so stop worrieing OK


Hi there

Well I had my second Chemo ,I was in the hospital for "Ten and a half hours" Chemo 9 am till 5-45 pm then I had to go for yet another MRI .I say another as I only had one on Friday31/7/15 .It was a very long day so I am very tired now .Just wanted to let you all know how I am Doing .Hope everyone else is doing OK .


Hi Gee

That sounds a very long, tough day - not surprised you feel tired after all that.  Did they say when you will get the MRI results?

Keep us posted on how you get on.  I have my next 4 monthly check up a week on Friday.


Cheryl, xx

Hi Cheryl

I Had my fourth Chemo on Tuesday the main tumor has gone down to more than half the size .so thats good news ,but the Doctor did say to me "Remember Gee you are still terminal,but if the rest of the treatment goes like this.it will give me quite a bit more Time .They now tell me I have it in my lungs as well but its not to bad there ,so now they have the main one under controll they are going to start on my lungs.I must say ,I know its early days yet ,but this time the Chemo does not seem to have hit me so bad,still got pain but with painkillers I can just about cope.

How are you getting on hun? I hope things are going well for you .Please let me know how you are.

Your Friend

Hi Gee

So glad you have posted, I have been wondering how you were getting on but didnt want to bother you.  That is great news that the tumour has shrunk that much, really hope that the treatment for the lungs goes well too.  It sounds like you are coping really well with it, your strength and courage is fantastic.

I'm doing well, thank you for asking.  Got a MRI in November and a check up in December.  The last MRI showed 2 lymphocysts that the consultant wanted to keep an eye on so I'm hoping they have shrunk or at least not grown any bigger.

Please keep me posted how you get on.  I will be thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs your way.



Hi Cheryl

Hi there starting to feel more human today .Took  my little car for its M.O.T.  and it passed yet agaqin.I'm having a lot of trouble walking now because of my back ,but "No One" listens to me,they just say "Thats not my problem"What they don't seem to reazlise is if they sortted my back out I would be able to handel the Cancer much easier .Not being able to walk only ten steps is really getting to me now.I feel like giving up.But don't worry I won't I have'nt come this far to give up.As soon as the next two Chemos are over ,I am going to kick off about my back.surly they can't just leave me in pain like this.I have never known pain like it ,I think I have been very fare as I have been in this pain since 14th Dec 2014 .But  enough is enough .Even my Mac Nurse takes no notice ,she just says ,"I know ,I feel sorry for you" Sorry THAT DOES NOT HELP"

OK rant over now,Sorry Cheryl but you are the only person that seems to care right now,

Please let me know how your M.R.I and check up go Hun .I do hope you get better luck than me .OK time for tea now speak to again soon


Hi Gee

So sorry to hear about your back pain.  Continuous pain like that is very debilitating and it's totally understandable it gets you down.  What about your GP?  Can they get you in to see a specialist about it?  As you say, the time to strike is after your next 2 chemos.  You can do this, you have got through so much and I won't let you give up!

Always here for you and yes, will let you know how I get on.  I'll be keeping everything crossed for you that you get something done about your back pain and the rest of your treatment goes well, let me know how things are when you can.

Keep fighting!

Big hugs


Hi Cheryl

How are you getting on hun ? I am now in a wheelchair as I can no longer walk,but on a good note,they have at long last they are listening to me,I am off to see a Mr Buxton in the Walton Centre tomorrow to see what they can do for me.Ihurt my back on 17 Dec 2015 and its been getting worse by the day,each time they X-Ray me they say there is more damage ,so lets hope there sort it and make whats left off my life a little easier.You take care Cheryl.

Gee xx

 my friend is to have Vertrbroplasty in the next week or so,then she said she will be under going radiotherapy she said this is alloud because Vertebroplasty is NOT surgery.Is this right?

Hi Cheryl

Well that chemo was not nice but didnt last as long .One down five to go and now they are talking about a brachytherapy again.fare play they are trying everything for me.I will let you know how I get on .OK hun x

Hi Gee

Was wondering how you were getting on.  Not nice to have to go through it but thank goodness they are doing what they are.  You are so brave and strong I'm sure you will fight your way through this battle.  I'll be thinking of you and sending you lots of positive thoughts.  You've been through so much you can get though this too.

Just message me anytime you want to 'talk' - I'm always here for you.

Big hugs