So after being treated for an erosion, clear punch biopsies, successful cautery (no erosion now present) YET more bleeding, i am being referred for a hysteroscopy. I didnt think my erosion was causing my bleeds, but had to trust the “professionals” judgement and direction (which has taken 3 months) so has anyone had an experience of a hysteroscopy? Will the camera go into the endocervical canal? I know they’ll be able to take a detailed look of my womb…

Any advice would be greatfully received :slight_smile: xx

When I had a hysteroscopy in the summer, I sat in a lovely chair before being reclined backwards. The staff were very sensitive and reassuring during the process and explained what they were doing throughout.  

The procedure doesn’t take long (I was in less than half an hour). After passing the hysteroscope (small telescope) along the vagina, they used a solution to expand my uterus like a balloon so they could see everything clearly. They then took a couple of biopsies from the lining of the cervix, uterus. It was done with anaesthetic and I went home less than an hour later.

Does this help? xxx