Having experienced abnormal bleeding recently, I need to have a hysteroscopy. Fortunately, I’m going to be having it under a general anaesthetic, which I requested when I went to the hospital this morning. The nurse practitioner explained the test to me and would have done it there and then, but I expressed my fears about it and they were very understanding.

Has anyone had this done under GA? What was your recovery time / after effects? How long did you take off work?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

hi sorry  this is late my sister had one under GA becuse she had not given bitrth naturaly c section only first consultant was ok with her the second that did it said why are you here thgis is normaly done in out paitent she eggnored her anway she went in at 8;30 woke up about 11;oo i was 30 mins late had blood pressure done and was out about 2;15 that at kfc at 3;15  she was consterpared fora while but that was it some women are sick but not even close im so glad you had a GA despite what they tell you half of women have moderate pain and about %25 have server and one in 20 are screaming in agony if you are post menopursle your a very high risck group  im consered they offered the test thereand then as that is ilegal as it brakes informed consent lawrs need 24 hours minum  notice she took 3 days off butit was on a friday so back work monday but every one is difent ive hered ofpeople runing about 12 hours later and others feel bad 7 days later i hope you are ok now hoe did it go?


Finally had my hysteroscopy under GA 2 days ago, after it was delayed due to high blood pressure that was found when I went for my pre-op.  Anyway, all went really well thanks.  No sickness or nausea, very little pain and slight spotting.  I have been constipated, but a good dose of lactulose soon sorted that out, and I'm back at work tomorrow!