has any one here had a painfull Hysteroscopy? and just told to suck it up im geting very angry with this aditude

There's a Facebook group "Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy".  It seems that women do have the option of general anaesthetic, but are not informed of this due to $££££ incentives for hospitals to do them as outpatient procedures with no pain relief.  This has even been raised in the House of Commons by a lovely lady MP, Lyn Brown, I think her name is.

Having done lots of reading online about this procedure recently,  there's NO WAY I would have one whilst still awake!!

hi yes i know about the group as katherine says there not trying to stop outpatient just want pain relif if you have given viganal birth not post menaporse you should be ok .but if you go for the nhs choiceses you dont get tohave treatment with in 18 weeks witch meens buy the time they do your hysterooscapy you might be dieing of cancere by then a wait of 6 months is not un hered of