Hysteroscopy tomorrow :-/

I have a hysteroscopy tomorrow. I haven’t felt well for weeks with bleeding with bm, back and hip ache, fatigue, night sweats and nausea. Just a general sense of unwell. My doc says some of it is probably anxiety. I hope i don’t have advanced cc as my symptoms match quite well. Surely a fbc, pelvic ultrasound and colposcopy would have given some indication over the past 3 months?! Originally treated for an erosion of cervix, but now that has healed and i am losing watery blood and bloody discharge 3 weeks ago, it just worries me so much :frowning: the consultant wanted to book me in for this procedure none urgently but i begged to have it done tomorrow, was even ready to go private!

(bleeds feb, april and more so july- so 9 months since first bout of bleeding and back pain)

Do all of my above symptoms point towards incurable cancer? I hope i don’t sound insensitive as i know there are probably some really poorly people on here who’ve been officially diagnosed, its just been a long 3 or so months for me, really has dragged me down.

Im just hanging on to the fact that i had an ultrasound on Oct the 18th on my pelvis and abdomen, also bladder and kidneys so if anything had grown big enough or was pressing on, it would have been spotted, if cancer is in the endocervical cancal or womb?! I know mri etc would determine spread for sure. I'm just in such a mess with two sleeping babies upstairs, i cry every time i kiss them good night and my husband is away in london until tomorrow night


Hun if you had any sign of cc it would have picked up with all the biospys and scans you've had done, how

come they are giving you an hysterectomy? Hope your keeping positive xx

Im having a hysteroscopy which is a camera thru cervix and into womb, not hysterectomy. Because my colposcopy was ok and biopsies clear they want to look higher up as my bleeding has started again. Its only when i pass a stool i bleed, doesn't really soak a pad at night. Last menstrual period was July. Don't know what is going on with my body, but since my last period 4 months ago ive had this weird blood, discharge accompanied with back pain etc. Not sure why my period has stopped?! Pregnancy most certainly ruled out x

That's me reading wrong sorry, oh bless, you will be fine Hun wish you good luck, I'm still bleeding since my biopsy 4 weeks ago and still quite sore :/ xx