Hysteroscopy question ?

Hi, does anyone know if during   a hysteroscopy   they gyne can examine the cervical canal and take biopsies if needed. The gyne has refused me a coloposcopy. I am trying to decide whether to pay for a private   coloscopy . I will share my l8ng and painful story, when i pluck up the courage.


Fluffy hugs to all you wonderful  , brave ladies out there.



Why are they refusing you a colposcopy? :( x 

That is a million   dollar question   Peach, in march my I went to my GP with posr coiltal bleeding (now stopped) and several days of spotting   before my period. The latter being an ongoing   issue since i has lletz in 2010, although   this year has got  worse. The gp did a snear that nade me spot/bleed for 2 week's. She said i had a very raw ectropian  whuch was causing it. I knew thus as it was found during   my last coloscopy   and biopsy   in 2013.

Roll on last week, the gyne who is also a ccoloposcopy  specialist saw me, listened to me and examined   me. Said visually   cervix looked fine and there was no sign of the ectropian (very puzzled over this) and that because   spotting /discharge   folliws the same pattern each cycle, its most likely hormonal. Wants to do the hysteroscopy   and try changing   my coil. I can't actually   argue with her logic, but still nor comfortable   not having a coloposcopy.

She also sail bbecause   all my smears are fine and i have had serveral. Rather worryingly   she said coloscopy's are only 60% reliable   anyway.

My problems   is i don't   trust smears. My smear during coloscopy   in 2010 was clear when the biopsy take at the same time literally   showed CIN2.


Its a puzzle   xxx

Oh I see, unfortunately I cannot tell you if they will be able to see the cervical canal during a hysteroscopy :(

I can see your concern though, if being failed by your smear in the past and now being told no sign of the ectropian I guess you will want to question things, I would be exactly the same.

Sorry I cant be of much help, if I was in your position I would call the colposcopy unit to ask before inquiring about a private one, but would also consider private for peace of mind

All the best with everything, let us know how you get on :-) x