Has anyone got told they should have a hysterectomy due to there cervix not been viable when doing lletz under ga or do u think i should have a second opinion

Hi Lesley - I'm no doctor, but I think I'd like a second opinion before having such a drastic operation. I'm sure the doctor had their reasons, but if they did not explain why they thought this was the best option, I would certainly like to have someone else's professional thoughts on it.

See i think there should b something else theyve only tried lltez

Hi Lesley,

If you have the opportunity for a second opinion then take it. I get the feeling that sometimes women are offered hysterectomies when they aren't essential and it isn't an operation to go into lightly.

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Hi Lesley,

I posted the message below but don't know if you saw it, so I'm re-posting in case it helps. 

I defintely agree with Tivoli in that hysterectomy seems to be rushed into far too quickly by doctors. As an example, I've had abnormal results for years and the doctor was definitely not keen on rushing into that option for me, which I'm comfortable with. It's a major thing, and difficult enough of course when it's clinically needed.

I'm so sorry to hear that after the anxiety about the GA they weren't able to do the LLETZ. If I were you, I'd be asking for some clarity on what exactly they mean when they say the vaginal walls were being awkward and not being able to get to the cervix. Do they mean they had problems keeping the speculum in? If so, that's probably down to them rather that you. Your body will have been relaxed as you were under GA, but some people are more skilled at colposcopy than others. (I had an awful experience once during a colposcopy where the speculum kept slipping out, but the person wasn't very competant.) What do they mean about the cervix? Are they saying that they couldn't reach all the areas with LLETZ? If this is the case there are other options. For example, I had LLETZ but also had to have some areas lasered too due to where they were on my cervix. The doctor (who is very experienced) said they couldn't reach it all with LLETZ. (This may not be the case with you at all, Im not trying to worry you, just sharing to show how sometimes there can other ways for them to do treatment.)

So - perhaps seek further explanation and also see what they say at the MDT meeting. If you felt confident enough you could ask how experienced the person is who did yours. Hysterectomy does sound pretty drastic, it's very unusual for them to not be able to do a LLETZ and if they really can't there are other options. Also please remember you have the right to ask for a second opinion, and your GP can arrange this for you.

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i think im going to ghet a second opinion hunni have people had hysterectomies wen not needed x

Good luck Lesley with your second opion, let us know how you get on. 

All the best x

They said ive got a short cervix wotever that means x