I had a hysterectomy yesterday.  The dr gave me pain medicine but said I probably wouldn’t even need it so I was expecting not to feel a lot of pain but so far, it’s been soooo painful!  A lot of posts that I’ve read also make it seem not so bad. I’ve had 2 C-sections and it’s every bit as bad as that.  Anyone else experience this much pain?


Are you still in hospital? You should not be in that much pain! My hospital would not discharge anyone who did not have their pain under control. But you wil be in pain if you dont take anything for it.

I didn't have much pain after my hysterectomy because  I was probably still full of morphine the day after the op as i had a morphine pump overnight. Plus the nurse gave me ibuprofen and paracetamol and i took them for a week after my op. I think they would have given me codeine if i needed it. 

Make sure you are adequately dosed up. I was told to keep on top of it and not allow any pain.


Was yours laparoscopic?  Here in the states, it’s an outpatient surgery.  My surgery was over at 1130 and I was released 3 1/2 hours later.  We have a bit of an opiod epidemic here too so they are weird about pain medicine.  They only sent me home with 15 Vicodin.  It’s not even touching the pain.  


That sounds terrible!

Mine was laprascopic but I stayed in hospital two days. I dont think I could have even got out of bed the same day let alone go home!

I can understand the doc not wanting you to have opiate based meds but you really shouldnt have to be in pain. I would take an anti-inflamitary alongside paracetamol. I took ibuprofen but naproxen is stronger if you can get that in the US - we cant get it without perscription here.


And also if that dosent touch the pain it mght be worth calling your doc to check everything is ok, as I wasnt in a massive amount of pain on those meds.