Hysterectomy - what to buy for the hospital


Firstly I want to thank you all. I have read so many posts and it's made me feel so much better.

Having had recurring CIN 3 even though Lletz treament was successful with clear margins, as was a cone biopsy, I am now having a total hysterectomy (keeping my ovaries) on the 8th Feb. I have completed my family (blessed with 2 kids) and the doctor thinks I may have multi-focal cells, so best to perfrom the surgey.

I have come to terms with it but just wondered if anybody can help me with getting myself ready for what i will needat the hosptial. I know I need big pants but how big (1 size up)? Will I need support pants? I will get a nightie instead of PJs. 

Also, as I'm working from home, do you think the recovery will be ok and I'll be able to go back to work in a week?

Thank you all so much for your help and support. 


I had a robot assisted laparoscopic radical hysterectomy preceded by a pelvic lymphadenectomy 9 days earlier. 

I needed size 14 pants (usually size 10).  Not sure about going back to work after only a week, even if you're at home and especially if you are having open surgery.  It's not just physical healing you need to get through but also  emotional and psychological.  A hysterectomy is a major op and if there's ever a time to look after number 1 it's now.  We're all a bit different in how we recover all else being equal,  but sometimes all else isn't equal - you'll need to see how things go.  It's good to have a can do attitutude but don't put undue pressure on yourself - you've not had a hysterectomy before - be kind to yourself - a bit of TLC will pay dividends in the long run.


Thank you so much, appreciate it. I guess I just want everything to go back to normal swiftly and for me and the kids. I will need to re-think my return to work. Thannk you for your response, really helps me.

How are you doing? I had my hysterectomy on 30 Dec. I found a facebook group - Hysterectomy Sisters UK - really useful group. I hope you're resting as much as you can! I've been rather shocked how little effort is too much!