Hysterectomy waiting times?

Good evening, I had an abnormal smear test in April 2021, referred to colposcopy. Smear result was fine in July 2021. Called back for annual check, result was high grade dyskaryosis CIN3. Attended appointment for biopsy and had a LLETZ. Which wasn’t pleasant but bearable. Results went to MDT and the outcome was I needed another LLETZ. The second one was almost unbearable and hurt a lot! Again results were sent to MDT. I had telephone consultation 5th Jan where I was given option of further LLETZ or hysterectomy. I asked could they guarantee removal with LLETZ answer was no, I asked if they did remove it all is it likely to return, the response was possibly so I opted for hysterectomy. I had appointment today, and signed consent forms for laparoscopic hysterectomy. I have a question does anyone have any rough idea of wait time from list to surgery? I am in Bradford West Yorkshire. As the doctor could not give me any indication. Also how much notice do you get?

Thank you

Im in the South East and i have mine scheduled next week for pre cancer changes, it took about 2 weeks to get a date, which is 2 weeks away. So one month total. I hope all goes well with the procedure.

Hi thank you for that. I have been told 3/4 months when I phoned up to query after being put on the list

They told me the same but it has been a lot quicker. It will depend on your hospital of course. I hope you get it sorted quickly.