Hysterectomy waiting time??? X

Just wondering how long everyone else had to wait for hysterectomy I am so fed up of waiting, I'm not the most patient person at the best of times but this is really getting to me. 

I had my smear early March then a colposcopy then biopsy then another colposcopy and lletz a five week wait to get cc diagnosed and now waiting for op date. I did booking consent form Monday and the lady who deals with op dates said she hasn't received my form from consultant so hasn't booked anything yet. I am really down today just want a date for surgery now and get it done. 

I kind of think I don't want to complain as don't want to upset the consultant who will be cutting me open lol. 

Any tips of speeding things up? Xxx

Hi Sarah, 

Have you been assigned a cancer  nurse specialist?  Mine has been fab at chasing things for me. 


Yes left her a message but not got back to me. Will try again tomorrow. So fed up I am spotting a brown discharge for last week and worrying about it being the cc but it could be the depo injection I am on. :( xx

How is your treatment going Rachel? X

I haven't started my treatment just yet. Start on Monday. Quite apprehensive but will be glad to actually be doing something to fight this at last.

The spotting could be the cc (i've had similar for few months now) equally though, and probably more likely, it could be due to your injection. Once we have been given this horrid diagnosis we look into things so much differently. Aches and pains that didn't worry us before are now all of a sudden worst case scenario. This is normal, or at least it's well documented on here.

Hope you manage to get hold of your CNS soon or better still get a date.

Much luck Rachel x


Thanks Rach and all the best for Monday, the sooner you start the closer you are to finishimg so big hugs. Xxx

Thanks Sarah. Xx