Hysterectomy - the end of the beginning

So had my laparoscopic hysterectomy last Thursday and came home yesterday.

Surgeon said the op was challenging - apparently the fact that I had lymphectomy 4 weeks before meant that I had scar tissue and adhesions that he had to navigate through, because he used the same holes again. He also said that he was very happy with the way things went and that they didn’t spot anything sinister. Won’t really ‘breathe out’ until I get the path results in a week or two though.

Before they removed my catheter, I had to go through a ‘bladder training’ exercise where basically they clamp off your catheter so your bladder fills up so that you feel the urge to pee. Then they unclamp and let it drain down. The idea is that your bladder can get a bit lazy with a catheter in and this helps wake it up. My problem was that when the bladder backed up, trapped gas in my system caused me to vomit so I had a pretty dreadful time of it for about 24 hours. However, my bladder is now working ok, if a bit sluggish, so maybe it was worth it.

The vomiting meant that I didn’t eat for 36 hours and I still don’t really have my appetite back. Am trying to get down plenty of fluids, fruit and veg but am still waiting for my first post-op poop. Have taken some lactulose to try to get things moving today as I really don’t want to get constipated. Hoping I won’t regret that later when things start moving.

I also have a fair bit of lymph dribblage from my vagina and initially tried using pads, but after an unfortunate leakage incident, a fellow patient gave me a pair of her Tena pants to try. Honestly, if you are in the same boat, do try them - it’s only for a little while and it makes such a difference to know you aren’t going too wake up in a puddle. They are surprisingly comfy too.

Apart from that it’s mostly background pain with the occasional big twinge, fartiness, belchification, tiredness, weepy weirdness and a bit of a general low. Pretty much as expected really.

Good luck to you all x

Just read that back and realised it was a rather graphic and not very ladylike post. Apologies if it was a bit too ‘in your face’ for anyone, but it’s the stuff that nobody tells you that you most need to know before something like this, I reckon!


Hi Rosehip

Glad to hear your on the recovery side!! So agree with you regarding all the stuff people don't tell you but we need the info! I posted similar last week and hoped it would help others too.

Its gets a bit easier but take it easy and listen to your body xx

Good luck at your post op appt

Kath xx