Hysterectomy suggested

Just been back to see the gyno. I'm 31 and have no kids (not really that maternal but would like the option!), recently split up from my long term b/f so things are a bit glum anyway. I've have two lletz procedures done. After the second one which fully removed all the high grade bad cells I went for a smear test which again came back abormal with high grade CIN. They took a biopsy which does NOT show the same grade cells at all although does show pre cancerous cells. It was too inflamed to see what grade but stated it was definitely not high grade as per the smear.

I now have no cervix left to do another lletz so she punched a few biopsies out of what she could grab hold of. I was the informed I would probably need a hysterectomy which tbh took me back a bit, I don't want kids but I'd like the option to choose that (as would we all), the biopsies are being sent off to Manchester as I am subject to a review board now and they have been scrutinizing my smears / lletz's and biopsies to the endth degree. Don't get me wrong I'd rather have that but this has been going on for 7 years now, at no point has any one suggested I have cancer at all (one good thing!) but I just think it seems a bit severe to suggest a hysterectomy at this stage. I'm not even being rushed forward to have this done, my results are going to this review board so it will be well after christmas and the new year by the time I go back to see the gyno following the biopsy results from tests taken today.


After the shock of all this I am tempted to go private and get a second opinion although after reading this site it seems I don't need to have the full hyster op, I can leave ovaries in etc so don't need to have HRT.


Thanks for reading, if anyone else is going through anything similar please let me know!