Hysterectomy recovery time

Hi ladies. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer about a month ago. Have had CT, MRI and LLETZ excision. Have been to oncologist today and staged as 1a1. the MDT decided I need to have Hysterectomy to make sure the cancer is fully removed. Which is fine - I just want it out and done!! My question is to anyone who has had laparoscopic hysterectomy (removal of cervix, womb, tubes and ovaries). What was your recovery like? Do you bleed after?
My reason for asking is op date is 25th March and o get married 4th May!

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@Bella1 I had a hysterectomy almost 4 weeks ago, I’m just starting to be on my feet more but still taking regular pain killers. I think everyone is different but my advise is to really rest after, as I found do things to quickly really puts the recovery back - which is frustrating. X

I was diagnosed 1B3 Dec 21, had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on the 1/3/22 and got married 16/4/22. Luckily I recovered well within 3-4 weeks and it did not affect my health in any way on my wedding day. Fingers crossed it goes well for you.


Hi @Bella1 . I was diagnosed in December and originally told 2a1. After scans etc they confirmed it was all contained in cervix and very small so hysterectomy was the option. My consultant advised radical hysterectomy (open abdominal) and said so right up til i was going in for surgery which was 11 days ago. I woke up at he said he only needed to do keyhole. My recovery has been manageable, listen to your body and try walk every day. I was discharged from hospital after 3 nights and told to get out walking for 15 minutes and build to 20 mins by the following week. It helps with the healing and gas/bowel etc. Today for example i did my walk but also went back to hospital to have my dressings changed, 30 mins drive each way ( i was not driving) that and the walk floored me today and im in quite a bit of pain. I only spotted for the 1st couple days but nothing after. Everyone probably heals different but my consultant said im healing really well but i know i definitely wouldnt have been able to get married 10 days after. But again, that depends what type of wedding you’re having etc. Theres so many variables to the recovery stage for everyone. With laparascopic, the outside healing is a breeze, but internally takes a lot longer. My back pain has been the worst part of it. I totally feel for you. We are getting married abroad in September and were due to fly out yesterday to meet with our wedding planner etc but pushed that out to end of April. Xx