Hysterectomy pathology results - great news!!!

Just had my first post op follow up meeting with my consultant. I have been given the all clear. I no longer have cancer. <>

Turns out the pathology tests on what was removed in my rad hysterectomy showed no cancer at all. It looks like my original LLETZ and ‘top hat’ did remove all of my tumour, even though there wasn’t a clear margin because the tumour was right up to the edge of the section removed.

The MRI I had indicated that I had a 43mm wide tumour in my cervix but it seems that was probably scar tissue or just my body reacting to the LLETZ and not tumour at all. That scan resulted in me being restaged at 1B2 and I was originally recommended for radiochemo, but thanks to an amazing surgeon I had the opportuntity to go down a surgical route and I can’t say how grateful I am to have been able to go for that option. (I think I was an unusual case, surgery is not the normal treatment for 1B2)

Making the choice was incredibly difficult, but I remember telling my oncology nurse that if I did have to have radiochemo, I wanted to know that I really did need it. ow, I know I have it ‘in the bank’ just in case the b*stard comes back.

So, have hope ladies - there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, I wonder of that bottle of Moet has chilled properly yet…

Kay xxxx

Hi Rosehip.

I am so pleased for you have I tears in my eyes!!  Crack open that bottle of champagne and enjoy it.  xxxx

Wonderful news!! You enjoy every last drop of that bubbly, you deserve it for being such a brave and amazing lady!! X x x



am sooooo pleased you have received this news after all that you have been through.  Enjoy the champagne as you deserve it!!!! Your news gives all of us hope for the future....xx

Fantastic news Rosehip XX

Enjoy your moet - hic

Kath xx

That is fab news! So pleased for you what a journey you have had. Looking forward to catching up with you soon x